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William Buck’s Exit Smart Report is an independent report surveying owners of small-to-medium businesses in Australia and New Zealand and c-suite executives, to measure their business’s level of exit readiness.

This year, surveyed business owners are pained by concerns that when it comes time to exit their business, they won’t receive their desired sale price and/or may not be able to find a buyer.  

This isn’t surprising, given our results indicate that businesses are too reliant on their owners meaning buyers may not want to pay full value for a business that’s too dependent on its current owners.

Another key finding was that business owners in Australia and New Zealand are severely underprepared for their exit. While most business owners have some understanding of the importance of annual business planning, too few realise just how important proper exit planning is in order to receive the maximum price for their business.

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Of those surveyed, most are severely underprepared for their exit, while:

  • 73% expect to exit their business within the next ten years
  • Over half of our respondents were concerned that they may not receive their desired sale price
  • Only 45% have an exit strategy in place, and
  • Only a third had sought advice on how to maximise the sale of their business.

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Learn about the best ways to maximise the sale price of your business, what your post-sale commitments might look like, and much more.

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