Growing businesses provide vital stimulus to Australia’s economy, workforce and capacity for innovation and the fastest growing sector is that of eCommerce and Global Business.

Having access to new markets and customers provides unlimited opportunity and to be able to embrace and profit from these opportunities requires a structured, planned and disciplined approach.

Convenient | Digitally connected | Personal

Our services are delivered in and tailored for the environment you are most familiar with the digital space. We understand that for eCommerce businesses, it’s important to be able to access your Accountants at a time that is right for you.

We pride ourselves on our digital connectivity by using tools that you are comfortable with and when it is convenient. We can connect with you digitally removing the requirement of physical meetings while still delivering a personal experience.

We also give you the convenience of being able to interact with us via our client portal where all of your critical information is at your fingertips when you need it day or night.

Operating in a complex environment

Ecommerce and global business focus

While defining an eCommerce business is relatively simple, the range of business models continues to grow.

Whether your business operates using a; fulfilment model, an online platform, a subscription-based model or an online-offline distribution model – the main issues remain the same – the fundamental focus on planning and structuring for digital enablement and your trading environment.

Other building blocks of business such as product/services, clients, resources, finance and processes also have to be considered. The global nature of the business also requires an awareness of consumer protection policies, direct and indirect taxation and cross border transactions.

Whether starting an eCommerce business from scratch or adapting your current business to have a greater presence on line or globally, the issues surrounding your business are complex and constantly changing.

While globally there remains conjecture on the exact definition, common to all eCommerce businesses is that they include digitally enabled purchase transactions instigated through the ordering method, not the characteristics of the products purchased, the parties involved, the mode of payment or the delivery channel.

The order for the product or the services is received and the commitment to purchase is made digitally. It’s not only important to have a great product, it’s essential that the ability to access, understand and order the product is second to none.

How can we help?

Our range of services are tailored specifically for eCommerce and growing businesses and
focus on aligning the various sector of your business through: 

Whether you’re starting out or an existing business who wants to expand into E-Commerce, a solid strategy that is specifically targeted to your business, the Ecommerce model you’re selling through and your goals provides a strong framework for success and sustainability.
Understanding how your business works, engages with clients and the specific capability required reduces the risk of blow outs in time, cost and resources.
As your products and services will be sold to customers around the globe, structuring ensures that you and your assets are protected.
Cross border transactions may generate exposure to either direct or indirect taxes in different jurisdictions so understanding the impact on different taxes allows you to plan where your tax risk falls and structuring to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax.

Local knowledge, global reach

Our local team is well supported by our extensive global network. As a member of Praxity, the world’s largest international accounting alliance, William Buck has access to 35,000 professionals in 103 countries, representing an unrivalled global resource and knowledge pool.

The Praxity alliance allows us to leverage this knowledge to your advantage. Wherever you choose to operate, we can assist you with advisors ‘on the ground’ who understand the local regulations, financial reporting requirements, tax systems and customs.

‘No surprises’ approach

We have a ‘no surprises’ policy. This means that before we start charging, we both agree on what you’re looking for. We then provide a letter of engagement and a quote for our services. Once you are happy with the scope of works and the fee, then we start billing.

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