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As with everything in life, preparation and planning is the key to success. While business owners/primary producers acknowledge that succession planning is important, too often it is bumped down the to-do-list as the daily tasks in running their business takes priority.

This is a major risk.

Navigating the sensitive and complex issues of succession planning requires an experienced team beside you that truly understands your unique situation – that’s where William Buck Adelaide’s Succession Planning experts can help.

A well thought out succession plan will help you ensure the future success of your business/farming business and family relationships. It facilitates a seamless transition, minimises confrontation or disputes amongst your family, provides focus, helps prepare the next generation, and can maximise the financial benefits for all stakeholders. Handled well, it can take the business to the next level and create very favourable financial outcomes for the family. Handled poorly, it can have the opposite effect. Our aim is always to keep the family unit together.

Without a clear plan in place, the next generation can become unmotivated and lose interest in the future of the business/farm. They may not be adequately trained to take over management and the retirement of the owner can be compromised.

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Planning for Succession Success

Part 1

Planning for Succession Success

Part 2


William Buck can help your family step-by-step through the succession planning process :

  • Assisting with defining your own and your family’s goals, critiquing your existing structure and advising on objectives
  • Reviewing your existing business structure, strategies and goals, and providing your business with the best knowledge and assistance to help you achieve your objectives
  • Acting as facilitators/mediators between family members or business partners who may hold different long term objectives
  • Assisting in the development of the business and overall succession plan
  • Advising on the tax structures and implications for owners and the business
  • Reviewing and advising on shareholder/ownership agreements
  • Valuing the business
  • Advising on, or negotiating any sale of the business to successors or outside parties

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