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changing lives

“Working at William Buck has given me the opportunity and courage to contribute to the wider community and get involved in many charity events. Some of these include, the Relay for Life, Sleep at the ‘G’ and the 2015 Eureka Climb. Each event came with its own set of challenges such as sleeping on the cold, hard floor or trying to breathe as I climbed to the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower. I personally learnt the most about myself from the Eureka Climb. This showed me that determination can get you anywhere (including to the top) and that team work and motivation will get you there in the end. These skills and new found motivation could be transferred to just about anything in life that I want to achieve. A year ago, if I had have been asked to participate in the Climb I would have said ‘No way, I will NEVER make it to the top’. After completing the 1,642 steps the pain was 100% worth it because now I believe that I can do anything.”

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