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In today’s economy, it is not uncommon for business owners or directors to find themselves navigating their way through financial trouble.

Market fluctuations, new technologies, staffing issues, emerging competitors and misguided strategic decisions can all affect the financial health of your business.
Left too late these issues can lead to underperformance, cash flow problems, decline in earnings, illiquidity and the possibility of insolvency.

Whilst insolvency may be inevitable in some situations, our expertise in business reconstruction allows us to assist many businesses to trade out of hardship.
We take the principles of insolvency legislation seriously and approach each appointment with painstaking attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the ‘big picture’ to achieve financially and strategically beneficial results for all stakeholders.

You will be appointed a dedicated team led by one of our directors who maintains close contact with the key stakeholders from start to finish regardless of the size of the assignment.

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