Growing a business has its own challenges, even more so when you have plans to expand overseas.

Whether you’re looking to expand internationally or wanting to invest in Australia or overseas, there are a unique set of challenges when it comes to cross-border transactions. Our Asia Pacific team can provide you with the practical advice you need to manage the different tax structures, import/export regulations, accounting services and navigating unfamiliar cultures.

Our focus is to provide you with the confidence that the risk of doing business across multiple territories is effectively managed and appropriately reported.

Who we serve

Foreign entrepreneurial investors

M&A and capital market clients

Global manufacturers

Business owners and directors

Property developers

Listed companies

International investors

High net worth individuals and families

Bilingual experts

Whether you’re looking for business or personal advisory services, we have the right people to help you achieve growth and longevity. 

Our specialists have a deep understanding of different cultures across Asia Pacific and fluency in a range of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Tamil, Gujrati, Arabic and Indonesian.

Resources to go global

When you go global, we’re your overseas landing pad.

Our Praxity network has over 700+ offices in 110 countries and most major cities. We have the global reach to help you access overseas markets and investors.

No matter the market or business model, we can provide the support you need to make your mark on the world.

Our services

We’re focused on providing a seamless, cohesive service to our clients in Australia and across the world.

Establishing Australian subsidiaries >

  • Registration of a company
  • Acting as a local resident director if applicable
  • Applying for ABN and TFN and relevant tax registrations and corporate secretarial matters

Managing due diligence >

  • For overseas investors prior to making investments and listing on the Australian Stock Exchange

Business advisory >

  • Inbound/outbound capital
  • Business and Financial Structures
  • Outsourced Accounting Solutions
  • Corporate Governance
  • Employment & payroll services
  • Virtual CFO services
  • Migration visa guidance

Accounting and CFO services >

  • Day to day bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Attending to payroll obligations
  • Providing monthly management reporting to key stakeholders

Wealth and superannuation >

Risk and governance >

Business performance management >

  • Including analysis of financial and non-financial KPI’s to drive business success and growth

Mergers and acquisitions >

  • Identifying businesses to be sold or acquired
  • Strategies for M&A and divestments (Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments)
  • Advice on business structuring
  • Transaction terms and pricing guidance
  • Due diligence

Tax advice and compliance >

  • Managing tax offsets and liabilities
  • Regulatory & tax compliance
  • International legal entity structuring
  • Employment remuneration and expat salary packaging
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Property & investment taxes
  • Income tax return activities and preparation
  • R&D Tax, government grants and incentives
  • Transfer pricing advice
  • Double tax agreements, GST, stamp duty

See more on Tax Services >

Property and business in Australia

Property development and investment

Thinking of buying or investing in Australia?

Find out more >

Doing business in Australia

We have over 120 years of experience to share.

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