New Zealand

We are exceptionally proud of the longevity of many of our staff members, as follows:

40-45 years
Kerry Wight

30-35 years
Jamie McKeough

Janine Williamson

Tricia Kleinig

David Mounce

Grant Wilson

25 – 30 years
Debbie Colebatch

Martin Hill

Ian Snook

Paula Liddle

20 – 25 years
Rosa Baldino

Chris Kennedy

15 – 20 years
Adrian Chugg

Shana Galli

Sharon Bowden

Michelle Hurcombe

Jennifer Rees

Mardi Biggs

Sarah Parsons

Kylie Fitzgerald

Ben Fleming

Nicole Holton

Tom Laundy

Lee Fuller

Rosemary Pahl

Liz Hesketh

10 – 15 years
James Northcote

Sonja Bollinger

Sarah Cooper

Ben Trengove

Emily Hector

Jody Heptinstall

Matthew Illman

Paula Hepper

Liza Coombe

Samantha Nicholls

Alice Psevdos

Bev Reed

Terry Lewis

Rebecca Rowley

Shane Taylor

Jenny Vincent

Kellie Higginson

Sarah Gibson

Chris Deed

Lauryn Barrie

5 – 10 years
Chris Giannopoulos

Cain Meschiati

Babis Mavrakis

Jessica Cumming

Madeline Canda

Karuna Lynn

Matt Simmons

Michael Westover

Aaron Trombetta

John Lionello

Kristie Baehnisch

Yong Teo

Chris Rosser

Luke Ayling

Edward Cottle

Erin Gold

Joann Chang

Pina Giangregorio

Jessika Turic

Theo Skrembos

Malcolm Wight

Dragana Trbovic

Andrew Nicola

Grant Martinella

Adrian Frinsdorf

Sharvi Shah

Leng Phuah

Vicki Dimas

Caitlin Moxon

Sharon Reinke

Melissa McSorley

Sindy Woo

Andrew Barlow

John Tran

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