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As the tax system in New Zealand becomes increasingly complex, businesses, trusts and individuals need timely solutions without wading through complicated tax law. Our tax professionals offer clear and concise advice to manage your tax risk and develop strategies to utilise tax concessions and planning opportunities.

Our tax specialists can assist you in developing tax planning strategies in the following areas:

Indirect tax

For most businesses, indirect taxes such as GST and payroll tax represent an administrative and compliance burden. Negligible errors can also have significant consequences on the bottom line when repeated in transactions throughout the year, making it vitally important that both the business’ structure and operations are set up effectively to minimise and manage these taxes. In addition to daily compliance concerns, indirect taxes can also raise issues in relation to larger transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and business restructures.

With significant local and international expertise in indirect taxes, William Buck can help ease the burden these taxes represent. We can identify issues specific to your business and provide tailored, practical recommendations. Our solutions range from providing specialist advice and training to your staff, to reviewing the consequences of larger transactions.

Property and investment tax

The tax rules surrounding investing in commercial and residential property is increasingly becoming very complex. Significant penalties may apply if tax returns are filed incorrectly. Our William Buck tax specialists can explain the tax consequences and provide the right advice to you, so you are paying the right amount of tax.

Remuneration planning

In today’s job market, employees are increasingly looking for a remuneration package that offers more than just a salary. A well planned and tax effective remuneration plan can increase the value that you offer to your employees without increasing the cost to the business.

We have extensive experience in designing tax effective remuneration strategies that maximise the commercial outcomes for your business or organisation. By taking the time to understand your business, employees and culture we can provide strategies that are not only tax effective but are tailored to suit the needs of your business and employees.

Tax consolidation

Whether you plan to restructure, expand or divest, we can provide expert advice on the impact that tax consolidations will have on your commercial plans. You may be assessing whether you should elect to form a consolidated group, or perhaps you have already consolidated for tax purposes and you are about to enter into a major transaction. Whatever your circumstances, as a corporate group you need to understand the impact of the tax consolidation regime on your ongoing business and its future direction.

Our specialist tax team can provide advice on what tax consolidation means for your organisation in terms of income tax compliance requirements and responsibilities. We take time to understand your commercial objectives and restraints and focus on producing the best outcome for your business.

Tax risk management

Transactional and operational decisions along with changes in the market and your business’ financial position can all affect your tax risk profile. Managing tax risk involves far more than dealing with Inland Revenue audits. It permeates all phases of the business’ decision-making process and can affect its commercial success.

Our team can help you to proactively identify and mitigate risks before they arise. We can assist with developing a framework for managing tax risks across all business units and provide you with the tools to minimise these risks. However, tax risk management is not solely about tax minimisation, there are times where it may be commercially beneficial to take a risk. Our professionals can provide a clear assessment of existing or potential tax exposures on the expected value of a transaction or operational decision.

Trusts and estates

Trusts and estates have an important and valuable role in protecting, preserving and growing family wealth.

Proper management and administration are essential to the integrity of a Trust. Our team has the experience and expertise to guide you to decide whether a trust is right for you, work with your legal advisor to establish the appropriate structure, manage the affairs of the Trust, and maintain the minutes and financial reports to record the Trust activities correctly.

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