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The not for profit landscape is always evolving. Shifting demographics, changing regulatory requirements and increased public scrutiny all present challenges to organisations in this sector. Successful organisations are those that can adapt to these demands while staying true to their values. 


Integrity and transparency are at the heart of Australia’s best not-for-profit organisations and they are values shared by William Buck’s Not For Profit team, which helps organisations to establish cost-effective approaches to improving performance and develop strategies for long-term growth.


We also help organisations to exercise good corporate governance to both mitigate risk and provide transparency for the stakeholders and communities they serve.


We audit a number of large not-for-profits across Australia and New Zealand. Technical expertise and an up to date knowledge of local and international audit and accounting standards, allows us to provide a quality result for our clients.

We recognise that organisations in this sector cut across many industries and take advantage of the expertise provided by our other industry specialists to offer advice tailored to your organisation.


Internal and external audit
Maintaining tax concessions and exemptions
Reporting and budgeting for tax obligations
Funding applications
Financial forecasting and budgeting
Establishing charitable trusts
Corporate governance advice for boards

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We have a highly experienced team of liquidators and trustees who are able to bring their extensive expertise and experience to assist in times of financial distress to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders.

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