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2021 New Zealand CFO Symposium
Event Date: 20 September 2021 (Postponed to 2023)
Venue: Auckland Cordis

Join Chief Financial Officers and senior finance executives from organisations headquartered within New Zealand for this unique event.

What expenses can I claim against my income?
Event Date: August 2020
Venue: On demand webinar

Are you paying too much tax? If you are self-employed, including contracting, there are a wide variety of business expenses you can claim to reduce your taxes.
In this webinar, William Buck Associate Director Courtney West will take you through which expenses, and what percentage of your expenses, you can claim.

How to stay positive under pressure
Event Date: July 2020
Venue: On-demand webinar

In this 30-minute webinar, Kieran Bird discusses 14 techniques to maintain a positive, happy mental state. These are based on the latest research and includes some breakthrough concepts and tools.

Negotiating with suppliers
Event Date: June 2020
Venue: On demand webinar

Want to be a better negotiator? This session by Kieran Bird is based on years of negotiating deals worth up to $200 million and covers the most effective tactics to use in real world negotiations.

Goal setting for results
Event Date: June 2020
Venue: On demand webinar

Setting goals is a crucial part of success for both business and individuals. Setting and achieving goals can make the organisation more efficient and profitable (depending on the specific goals set) and a more stimulating and satisfying environment in which to work. Further, a goal-driven organisation has a greater chance of achieving its outcomes as well as client and staff satisfaction.


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