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You are demonstrating your soft-skills

Having extracurricular activities on your resume shows you are an interested and passionate person – the very type of person employers are looking for. You may not realise it, but the skills you gain by doing extracurricular activities can be transferred to your working life.

Learning comes through every day experiences and those skills will boost the job you do and the way you handle pressure. Think about all the activities you have participated in while at university. Maybe you’re a master at Sudoku, have some work experience that relates to your degree or play a team sport. By outlining these, interviewers can get a deeper understanding about what makes you tick and some more of your personal attributes to help identify your skills and areas of interest. It is often these types of soft skills which demonstrate how well you work in a team, if you can think on your feet, are an excellent communicator, or have the ability to multi-task – all vital to navigate a successful career.

Changing Lives is important to us

You may think your after-school job, hobbies, or support of local events aren’t worth highlighting in your resume or in an interview. Yet, interviewers know that graduates with life experiences are more likely to be more well-rounded candidates.

Organisations realise that learning and development is not restricted by the workplace and offer programs or flexible workplaces which develop their people. By highlighting how you fit within a firm’s values and strive to make a difference, could set you apart from other candidates. Maybe you helped raise money, participated in a fun run or coached a team. It may be as simple as describing how you set personal goals and what the outcomes were to make a difference in your own life.

At William Buck, Changing Lives is important to us, we encourage our staff to continually improve by challenging themselves to change their lives and the lives of others. If you secure a graduate position at William Buck, you will be continually inspired to change the lives of others and demonstrating what you have done so far is a step in the right direction.

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