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Defining your goals is one of the most important steps you can take as an individual. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. At a basic level, it can assist with the allocation of your time and resources, at a higher level it can assist us as advisors in developing plans and strategies that help our clients do further than what they originally would have considered.
Personally the importance of defining goals means more to Neil than most. A middle distance runner, setting incremental, achievable goals is a staple of his training regime. A regime that Neil likes to bring into his team at William Buck.

“Part of our skill in determining how we can get our clients into positions that improve year on year is found in our consistent reassessment of where our clients are performing, through being pro-active with our business objectives which help us to understand and steer our clients through each stage of their lives. throughout each phase of life, maximising their return and minimising their downside.”

Something Neil really enjoys about his role is looking after clients with complex affairs. Given William Bucks position in the middle market, Neil’s clients feature individuals who underpin a corporation. This results in an interconnectedness of personal and business objectives and that means helping his clients to be successful has a personal and commercial reward for Neil.

One of Neil’s passions is Property “[where] profitability is always a key concern for builders and there should be a plan for addressing this…” he said.

Brennan said that embracing new opportunities may also be the way forward. “A smart move is to look at regional areas and take advantage of government incentives to take the pressure of Melbourne suburbs and support regional growth hubs.”

“Identifying what makes you unique, building upon existing relationships and focusing on your niche market will help ensure your experience and expertise is always in demand,” said Brennan.

In order to achieve these development milestones however, Neil takes us back to the core theme of his message in clearly defining your goal and be pro-active with engaging people to set up your business through each stage of its life. Determine what success looks like for you and continually reassess where you’re at so you can make adjustments if necessary.

William Buck has a strong passion for the wellbeing of the community within which we operate. I am proud to be part of the leadership team at the firm and our team of ‘William Buck Allstars’.

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