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Our dedicated advisors specialise in providing expertise to the Property and Construction industry, including investment advice for individuals and businesses at all levels. We listen closely to your needs and bring our services together in an integrated manner to ensure you receive the right advice and derive long-term value from your relationship with us.

Property development

Tax Structuring and Advice

Our team can assist you to establish the most appropriate structure for your developments and investments, to protect your assets and provide tax effective outcomes. Our team will provide a range of taxation matters including the calculation of GST and the application of the GST margin scheme to determine the overall tax exposure of the development.

Ongoing Compliance

We can assist you to prepare your Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for the development entity, your Business Activity Statements and your Individual Tax Return.

Site Feasibility Analysis

We can provide you with critical feedback regarding the feasibility of your proposed development. We can assess finance costs and quantify the income of GST, Income Tax, Land Tax and Transfer Duty on the overall profitability of a development. Our team aims to ensure that the figures you are relying on to make key decisions include all the tax which may otherwise be overlooked.

Commercial property investment

Tax Structuring and Advice

We can assist you to set up the most appropriate structures for your investments, to protect your assets and build your wealth while providing tax effective outcomes. Our team can assist you with the calculation of capital gains tax and GST when you are ready to restructure or dispose of your investment.

Investment Purchase Support

We can source suitable properties on your behalf using a buyer’s agent and can assist with legal due diligence. This is particularly helpful if you have not previously been through a due diligence process.

Tailored Advice for Purchase

Our team can provide you with tailored tax advice on property you purchase. We can also help quantify your after-tax return on your investment to assist you in making the best investment decisions.


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