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The ACNC has endorsed thousands of late-filing charities with red marks.

The marks show up on the register – more than 3500 charities are more than six months late with their annual reports.

Ms Pascoe said that most of the charities had had to submit 2015 annual information statements by 31 January.

‘Submitting (a statement) each year is a legislative requirement for registered charities,’ she said.  ‘This group has failed to meet that obligation and are now more than six months overdue (and will have) a red mark on their register listing.’

Once the charity submits its overdue 2015 Annual Information Statement, the red mark will be removed.

The data each charity provides is published on the register at, enabling those who want to give time and money to a charity to undertake their own due diligence.

The public, volunteers and philanthropists should see red marks as a warning that a charity is not meeting its obligations.

Ms Pascoe warned that continued non-compliance could result in greater consequences.

‘Registered charities that continually fail to meet their reporting obligations may receive penalty notices from the ACNC,’ she said.  ‘Under the ACNC Act we have the power to issue financial penalties (of) up to … $4260 per charity.’

In mid-August, the commission issued its first penalty warning notices and are planning to issue more shortly.

Charities failing to make two successive reports are double-defaulters, a ground for revocation.  More than 500 double-defaulter charities had their registrations revoked in recent weeks and will lose tax concessions.

Charities can check their reporting due dates by checking their entry on the register at or by logging into their portals at  They can find further information about the 2015 Annual Information Statement at

A list of charities more than six months late with their reporting is available on the ACNC website at

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