New Zealand

Name: Greg Travers

Division: Tax Services

Position: Director



What’s the best part of your role at William Buck?

I enjoy working with people and helping them achieve their goals. In the tax space, this could be achieving a positive result on a transaction or with the ATO for a client.  For my team and others that I work with at William Buck, I really enjoy seeing them succeed and progress.  I like feeling that I have contributed, even in some small way, to this.

What advice would you have for someone seeking a career in tax?

You need to have confidence in your abilities, but also know your boundaries. Tax can be an extremely complicated area with lots of ‘grey’ spots.  Knowing where to draw the line is critical.  It’s also really important to remember that most people aren’t ‘tax people’, so even the most complex work we do needs to be communicated in a clear and practical way so that people can understand how it affects them.

Why did you decide to write ‘The Tax Adviser’s Guide to Part IVA’ book?

We’ve always aimed to take a leading position in the tax profession and this is another example of that.  The changes to Part IVA are a big issue in tax circles and will become a real issue in the broader business and taxpayer community once people come to recognise the impact of the changes.  I got involved with the Tax Institute when the original exposure draft of the legislation was released to try and provide a ‘mid-market’ perspective on the changes as the focus to that point had very much been on the big end of town.  Through the expert panels and presentations I participated in, it became  clear that people didn’t understand how Part IVA was going to impact on them and their clients.  The effectiveness of all tax planning is ultimately determined by Part IVA.  The book is aimed at providing practical guidance to advisors so they can assess how the new Part IVA is going to impact on them and their clients.

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