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A day in the life of Maddie Watson | Graduates New Zealand
23 February 2024 | Minutes to read: 3

A day in the life of Maddie Watson | Graduates New Zealand

By William Buck

7.10 AM

Wake up!

Normally in the mornings, I don’t leave much time for mucking around. I’ve got everything ready for the day the night before. I am out the door and on the way to the train station by 7:35.

8.00 AM

I arrive at work and get settled at my desk with tea and some water. I check all my emails responding to the ones required. I also spend this time attending to any work that may have come in from clients overnight. I like to get to this straight away in the morning even if I am not on a job that day as it gets it out of the way and if more information from the client is needed then I can get back to them sooner.

8.30 AM

Around this time (or just before) I get into my assigned audit for the day. When beginning an audit, I like to send off a queries list stating what is required from the client. Every day is slightly different. It all depends on how fast a client responds to what is asked of them. Auditing is flexible enough that you can also help out your colleagues working on the same job if needed or look ahead to what jobs are coming up and plan for these. Otherwise, I continue on from where I left off the day before. The mornings normally go fast.

12.30 PM

I like to get out of the office most lunchtime to enjoy some fresh air and have a change of scenery. It means that by the time lunch is over and I’m back at my desk I’m ready to get back into my work.

Generally, I will either go to the gym (we are lucky to be right next to Britomart where my gym is), catch up with my sister or friends during lunch, or have lunch with my workmates in the staffroom.

My afternoon in the office is spent continuing with the audit job I’ve been working on that day, dealing with any responses to my queries that have come in from clients, or contacting clients to follow up on these queries. If I have some time I will start planning my next audit; setting up the file, getting a queries list ready, and prepping any programs or work papers possible.

5.00 PM – 5.30 PM

Home time. Most nights after work I have something on whether it is catching up with friends, exercising or going out for dinner. I like to keep busy after work as it means I get more out of my day. Otherwise, during the study period, I head home and try to get as much done so that I can still enjoy my weekends.

On Fridays, there are often work drinks in the staffroom. These are great for catching up with workmates, although there is no pressure on how long you stay if you have other plans.

My days often differ depending on if I am at a client or in the office. I spend on average 50% of my time at client premises. If I am at a client I will drive there and meet at the client’s preferred time (commonly 8:30 am) and stay there the whole day, normally eating lunch at my desk or occasionally outside if there is an area. Days at the client have normally spent in a separate room the client while I’m working through the audit. Quite a bit of time is also spent sitting with the client and running through any queries I have. I find this is the most efficient way to get in-depth answers and it is great for building a relationship with the client.

William Buck

William Buck

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