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This month we have prepared two articles that cover current issues we believe are relevant to SME advisors.

The first article considers a recent case where an asset protection strategy involving a superannuation fund and a family trust was found to be ineffective.

The second article looks at 7 common FBT issues which small-to-medium businesses face.

Court holds trust to be ineffective for asset protection

The expectation that assets held in a discretionary trust are out of the reach of creditors is not as bullet proof as some may believe. In a recent case, a bankruptcy trustee was able to void transactions in spite of the fact that the bankrupt may have been solvent at the time of the transactions.

The decision highlights a number of potential risks for advisors to consider when assisting clients with structuring, restructuring or developing asset protection strategies.

7 Common FBT Issues

The end of the fringe benefits tax year is fast approaching. Do you have your head around the most common FBT issues that small-to-medium businesses face?

This article provides you with a quick guide to the common issues.

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