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Jamie McKeough, Group Chairman and Managing Director
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“If you think you’re ripe, you’ll start to rot. You should always seek to do better.

Jamie McKeough

Group Chairman and Managing Director

Once described by a close business associate as ‘a rock’ in challenging situations, the same description could be applied to Jamie’s role at William Buck. Grounded, thoughtful and a straight-shooter who likes to deal with facts, Jamie takes great pride in leading a practice providing solid, stable and reliable advice, and that genuinely cares about its clients.

With an exceptional ability to take a holistic view of situations, Jamie seeks to enter the inner sanctum of businesses that he works with and understand the full implications of any decision for all stakeholders. ‘I suspect that I have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility and once I get involved with a client, I feel a duty to make things better’, he explains.

Jamie provides business and financial management, tax and accounting advice to clients across many different industries. His key strengths are in problem solving, understanding business models and the key drivers of business. For these reasons, he is called upon to assist many clients with strategic decision making.

The close relationship that Jamie develops with his clients enables him to identify, assess and rank risk areas within the entire business environment and thereby assist in management performance and accountability.

With the responsibility for overseeing the running of a business himself, Jamie understands the challenges involved and takes great satisfaction from seeing people and businesses grow and develop as a result of his input.

The Facts:

Core Expertise

  • Strategic business planning
  • Business performance improvement
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Refinancing/bank negotiations
  • Estate and succession planning


  • Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia & NZ
  • Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy
  • Member of the Aust. Inst. of Company Directors
  • Chairman, William Buck Aust. & NZ
  • Advisory Board member, REDARC Electronics
  • Chair of Finance Committee, Walford School
  • Chairman, McGees Property
  • Board member & Finance Committee member, Guide Dogs SA/NT


  • Manufacturing
  • Import/export
  • Professionals and professional practices
  • Property
  • Primary production

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