As the tax system in Australia becomes increasingly complex, businesses and individuals need timely solutions without wading through complicated tax law.

William Buck has some of the leading tax practitioners in Australia and New Zealand who specialise in delivering practical, cost effective tax solutions – without the jargon. We understand that clients want to get to the solution quickly and our Tax Services professionals offer clear, concise advice to manage your tax risk, your local and international tax issues, and develop strategies to utilise tax concessions and planning opportunities.

Our specialists are commercially minded and provide business advice on tax issues ranging from tax consolidation to transfer pricing, and succession planning to executive remuneration. We place significant emphasis on professional development training and regularly provide specialist tax training to other accounting firms. We are proactively involved with the leading professional tax bodies. We also regularly participate in lobbying, ATO and IRD liaison groups. Our experienced teams in Australia and New Zealand are supported by an international network of accomplished tax professionals.

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ATO Audits​

We manage ATO/SRO audits, handling communication with all parties, to minimize the expense and disruption they can cause for businesses, ensuring a smooth process.

Executive Tax Services​

Our Executive Tax Services division caters to executives and high net worth individuals, providing personalized and comprehensive financial services tailored to their specific needs.

Indirect Tax

Our experienced team helps businesses minimize the significant drain of indirect taxes by optimizing their structure and operations, relieving the burden and maximizing efficiency.

International Tax​

Navigating the complexities of international tax is made easier with our team of specialists who understand both ATO and overseas regulatory requirements, assisting Australians expanding abroad and foreign investors in Australia.

Research & Development Tax Incentive​

Unlock the benefits of the R&D tax incentive with our range of expert services, from tailored advice to collaborative online project management systems, ensuring eligibility and maximizing returns.

Tax Consolidation​

Understand the implications of the Tax Consolidation Regime on your corporate group in Australia with our specialist tax team providing guidance on election decisions and the regime's impact on your organization.

Tax Risk Management​

Mitigate tax risks across all business units with our team's expertise, identifying and managing risks proactively to minimize their impact on every aspect of your business.

Tax Services Specialists

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