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Partner with an advisor that creates value and gets results

William Buck’s Virtual CFO solution gives you access to dedicated and experienced finance leaders backed by a suite of technical specialists to help you get results.

What you need from a Virtual CFO will depend on your company’s size, industry, lifecycle stage, and personal preference. Our VCFO services are completely scalable and flexible, ranging from performance analysis and planning assistance, strategic advice and tax planning to board and executive advice.

One thing, that’s not scalable, however, is proactivity. Our advisors don’t sit on the side lines. They actively participate in their clients’ businesses, fulfilling the role of a true financial leader.

What can you expect?

While every Virtual CFO solution is different, we typically find our clients benefit from:

  • Strategic leadership: our VCFO advisors often occupy the role of coach or mentor using their experience across the middle-market to provide them with astute insights and critical thinking. Our team can attend regular board meetings, or simply work one-to-one with the business owner to keep the strategy on track.
  • Enhanced performance measurement: we identify and maintain a personalised set of KPIs to pinpoint issues and opportunities and drive your strategy.
  • Data analysis: most businesses lack the capacity and skills to effectively analyse the large amounts of data they can access. We’re here to help you get behind the numbers and provide proactive recommendations to assist strategic decision making.
  • Working capital and cash flow management: combining technology with sound business acumen, our advisors can help you take control of cash flows across your business and manage risks.
  • A high performing finance team: We can help you to develop finance team appropriate to your business and aspirations – this may include creating a blueprint, hiring key talent, and providing continuous education through William Buck’s accredited training programs. We can also assist you to automate operations.
  • Continuity: Partnering with an advisor and consistent team, we provide you with the comfort and assurance of continuity and assure no loss of information in the event of unforeseen disruption.
  • Access to specialists across the full suite of accounting specialisations: One of the biggest benefits of a Virtual CFO lies in the suite of expertise available. Backed by a bench of multi-disciplinary experts including business advisory, tax, corporate advisory, audit, wealth advisory and restructuring and insolvency, you have access to the right advice at the right time. With your key advisor in your corner, you can be sure that all bases are covered – no more lengthy briefings with each new engagement.

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