William Buck is frequently called upon to undertake investigative reviews in a variety of circumstances.

The most common investigative reviews involve a lender seeking to find out more information on a borrower’s business, a company which seeks to investigate the conduct of staff or suppliers prior to undertaking a special project, or directors and business owners assessing staff compliance with company policies.

We have a highly experienced team of experts including accountants, liquidators and trustees, who are regularly engaged with by Government departments to report on suspected instances of corporate malfeasance and our expertise is recognised by our membership of various Commonwealth Government panels.

Our team will bring their extensive expertise and experience to assist with disputes and to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders. Where appropriate we will access resources from across William Buck and the Praxity Alliance to enhance outcomes for all stakeholders.

We aslo work seamlessly with our Business Advisory, Corporate Advisory and Audit and Assurance teams to achieve the best outcome for our client.

Investigative Reviews Specialists