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We’re accountants and advisors who have a deep understanding of the tech sector. Helping tech companies to grow from startup to exit, our passion is working with people who put everything into a business to commercialise ideas that change lives.

We’ve built our experience over the years working with the tech sector to deliver services such as tax advisory, virtual CFO, outsourced accounting, capital raising, M&A advisory, structuring for international expansion, R&D tax incentive claims, employee share schemes, valuations and ESIC advisory.

Who we serve

  • SaaS and cloud
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Fintech
  • Mobile and apps
  • Agritech
  • Data science
  • Edutech
  • Digital media
  • Regtech
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Medtech/Biotech
  • AI, machine learning and automation
  • Virtual/augmented reality
  • NFTs
  • Cryptocurrency
  • CleanTech

Services built around you

You’ll have a core team as your first point of contact, who can bring in other specialised capabilities at the right time to provide you with holistic advice through a ‘One Firm’ approach.

Our goal is to be your trusted advisor and sounding board on all financial matters by providing transparent and honest advice.

We’re accessible. You’ll meet every team member on your account and have access to us on a timely basis.

Resources to go global

When you go global, we’re your overseas landing pad.

Our Praxity network has over 700+ offices in 110 countries and most major cities. We have the global reach to help you access overseas markets and investors.

No matter the market or business model, we can provide the support you need to make your mark on the world.

Our technology services

Accounting and CFO services

We are strong believers in establishing a robust and efficient accounting system that makes use of cloud and automation. To optimise your finances, we can help manage your cashflow, establish financial reporting systems and deliver virtual CFO services.


Having your financial statements audited is a key step towards a successful exit via IPO or being acquired. Our client experience is unique – we are supportive and seek to work with you to navigate the complex financial reporting and auditing standards so that the burden on your finance team is minimised. We believe that this collaborative experience is key to auditing technology companies whose internal processes and controls have yet to adapt to the rapid growth in scale and complexity of their business model.

Corporate advisory

Raising capital, working with investors and preparing for a liquidity event – these are of crucial importance yet they distract you from your core business. Our experienced corporate advisors specialise in “investor readiness”, preparing for a liquidity event, financial modelling and valuation.

Employee share schemes

Competition for talent is fierce. Attract, retain and motivate the best people with the right employee share scheme. We will help you navigate the complex commercial, valuation and tax considerations to deliver a highly effective ESS which aligns company interest with that of the employees.


The path to IPO is a complex one. Our specialist services catering for IPOs include advice on the listing process, audit, Investigating Accountant Reports, strategic advice and introductions to brokers.

Networking and mentoring

We are passionate advocates of the technology ecosystem. Through mentoring and facilitating introductions within our network of contacts, we extend our contribution to the sector by paying it forward.

Other grants and incentives

Grants are an important source of non-dilutive capital. For Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) tax incentives, we can advise on your eligibility and seek ATO rulings. We prepare Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) claims and provide guidance on other government grants.

R&D Tax Incentive

Not all R&D claims are created equal. Our holistic approach harnesses effective forward-planning to get the best results and withstand ATO scrutiny of the technology sector. To minimise the burden on your development and promote efficiency of the claim process, we will utilise existing internal records and adopt efficient interview techniques.

Tax advice and compliance

Despite the prevailing image of the loss-making tech company, tax is an ongoing consideration for the tech sector. We are a team of tax professionals who use forward-planning to deliver the sharpest solutions in the market in an approachable and commercially-realistic manner for tech companies, founders and investors. Our deep experience in Capital Gains Tax, shareholder issues, restructuring, international tax, tax concessions and business sales and acquisitions can position you to take full advantage of opportunities and avoid common industry pitfalls.

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