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If you had just one extra hour in your day, how would you use it?

Many business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors find themselves spending a large percentage of time working on day-to-day tasks which, while critical, don’t necessarily improve performance, business value or contribute towards the overall business strategy.

What would happen if you spent just one hour focusing on your business strategy?

We believe that one hour can make a difference; The William Buck Hour.

What is the William Buck Hour?

The William Buck Hour is designed to help you assess your current position, realign thinking and maximise your business’ potential.

In just one hour, we’ll guide you through a detailed discussion structured around a range of key fundamentals including financial management, funding, people, regulatory requirements and personal wealth strategies.

Our extensive experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs in the mid-market allows us to swiftly uncover the critical issues pertaining to your business and wealth creation as well as identify untapped opportunities.

The end result is a fresh perspective and a focused strategy to help you move forward.

A personalised action plan

Following the session our advisors will evaluate your business using professional experience and best practice standards to develop a prioritised action plan for your business.

Bringing easy to implement steps together with commercial insights, you will be presented with a personalised written report. The findings of the report can be used immediately in your business or provide the platform for a more detailed strategic plan.

Our advisors will be on hand to provide the necessary guidance and expertise to support you in achieving your goals.

How the William Buck Hour has helped others

The William Buck Hour has been undertaken across Australia and New Zealand with impressive results.

While each session uncovers a unique array of issues, we’ve observed a few notable trends and have outlined the top five issues below.

  • Absence of a personalised wealth strategy outside of the business
  • Need to review the business structure to ensure it is tax efficient now and on exit in the future
  • Outdated or ineffective accounting systems and financial reporting processes
  • Need to obtain additional funding for business growth
  • Absence of a strategic business plan

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