Given the global economic uncertainty and challenges facing middle-market Australia, businesses, lenders, shareholders, creditors and advisors are finding themselves more frequently in need of expert advice. Similarly, individuals and consumers facing financial uncertainty also require assistance, which we suggest you seek at the first sign of potential distress.

While insolvency or bankruptcy may be inevitable in some situations, our expertise in business reconstruction and financial recovery allows us to assist many businesses to trade out of hardship and prosper.

Our highly experienced team of liquidators and trustees operate nationwide, bringing their extensive expertise to assist in times of financial distress and achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Our approach

Our proactive and commercial approach allows us to objectively view each unique situation. We consider the specific operational and strategic issues related to your business or personal financial challenge, to select the best team of consultants for your circumstances.

Integrated, full service offering

We draw on the full resources of the firm’s corporate advisory, business advisory, tax, wealth management and audit specialists. We also have access to leading in-house industry specialists for the most technical engagaements.

This allows us to provide end-to-end solutions for all of your financial matters, affording efficiency by being able to deal with one advisory firm that understands all elements of your business.

Leading mid-market practice

Our focus is on the dynamic and growth-oriented middle market, in particular owner-managed businesses, enterprises and ASX-listed companies. Our expertise in complex personal insolvency matters is market leading.

Our highly experienced team has a deep understanding of industries across the middle market, with a strong transaction history and a demonstrated record of middle market business turnarounds.

Explore Restructuring & Insolvency Services

Bankruptcy and personal insolvency

Whether you are a creditor pursuing monies owed or you are an individual seeking relief from unmanageable debt, with experience in the administration of small to complex insolvent estates, we can advise and act on your available options.

Crisis management

When an unexpected situation arises, you need the right team to navigate through the crisis. Our agile response team is available to respond at short notice in times of financial crises.

Forensic and litigation support

Commercial and other disputes and litigation are seldom simple and often involve highly complex issues. Our team provide a wide variety of forensic and litigation accountanting services to solve these complicated matters.

Formal insolvency appointments

There are a number of formal and informal options to address company insolvency and we can advise and assist you in each of these.

Investigative Reviews

We frequently undertake investigate reviews for clients for variety of circumstances including; lender’s assessing a borrower’s business, pre-special project conduct investigations and assessing staff compliance with company policies.

Lender services

If you need help with a pre-lending review, an Investigative Accountants Review, preparation of an solvency review, assessing the security held over a distressed company or advice on dealing with a company in a financial distress, we are able to assist you.

Our Business Recovery Experience

Restructuring and turnaround

In times of financial uncertainty our restructuring and turnaround advisors can help businesses from the first signs of distress. Our team has proven exterise in turning businesses around and achieving the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

Safe Harbour reviews

Directors have the option to trade their company out of financial difficulty without the fear of being personally liable for insolvent trading, if they meet the requirements of the insolvent trading safe harbour provisions in the Corporations Act.

Small Business Restructuring

With a proven track record in handling cases ranging from straightforward to intricate, we provide tailored advice and action plans to help your business navigate through financial distress.


Insolvency and bankruptcy guidance
Access a range of tools and resources to guide you in assessing your current situation and what options might be available for you and your business.

Insolvency reforms to support small business
Commencing 1 January 2021, subject to the passing of legislation, Australia’s insolvency framework will change, with new processes introduced to reduce complexity, time and costs for small businesses with liabilities under $1 million.

Business Health and Recovery Plan
William Buck’s Business Health and Recovery Plan maps out the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of a business in turmoil by our Restructuring and Insolvency Team. We highlight each stage the business goes through, from determining ill health through to treatment, recovery, and handover.

Our experience

View samples of the relevant client experience of our Registered Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees across a range of common business recovery matters.

Our people

Providing you with access to the full suite of services you need to reach the best outcomes.
Our Restructuring & Insolvency team is a well established and experienced middle market team led by its five Registered Liquidators and three Bankruptcy Trustees operating across Australia.

Restructuring & Insolvency Specialists