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Australia’s $100 billion-dollar manufacturing industry plays a vital role in the economic growth of our nation. With increasing innovation and automation, the challenges faced by manufacturers in order to continue to improve and maintain a profitable, competitive business is a fine balancing act, but one that can be steadied with the right guidance.

Who we serve

We have industry expertise across a broad range of manufacturing businesses, including those in:

  • General engineering
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Engineering design
  • Food & beverage
  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Environment & sustainable energy
  • Machinery & equipment
  • Mining, oil & gas
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastic & chemicals
  • Transport & marine
  • Telecommunications

Services built around you

We work with you to build your business. Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, or transporter, our team is equipped to deliver successful outcomes for your business.

We provide advice across a range of areas including payroll, business structure, asset management and cash flow.

Resources to go global

We operate across international waters. Our Praxity network has over 700+ offices in 110 countries and most major cities. We have the global reach to help you scale your business and enter new markets. If you aspire to grow, we have the team to help you develop a successful global expansion strategy.

Explore other industries


A diverse industry that contributes significantly to Australia’s economy, Agribusiness is up against an increasing number of challenges to operating profitably. We can help you navigate the impacts of shifting tax legislating, a fluctuating economy and variable commodity prices to reach results at each stage of your business’ lifecycle.


Australia’s ever-changing and competitive education sector is experiencing a period of both growth and disruption. New service models emerged throughout the pandemic along with changing demands from parents and students. Our experienced advisors can assist you to meet these demands and leverage opportunities for expansion both here and internationally.


Increased accountability, competing stakeholder needs and restricted budgets are just some of the demands faced by government entities today.


Rapidly accelerating technological developments, a growing and ageing population, increasing demands from patients for affordable and remote services, a lack of substantial funding and impacts of a continuing pandemic are just some of the challenges this vital sector is up against. Despite the potential issues caused by these challenges, they also present opportunity.

Hospitality & Tourism

Acute workforce shortages and unstable supply chains continue to threaten our hospitality and tourism industries, which bore the brunt of Australia’s response to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the sectors are demonstrating considerable resilience and face a prosperous future as borders reopen and consumer confidence improves.

Mining & Energy

Located on the doorstep of growing populations and emerging economies, with diverse and abundant mineral and energy reserves and a skilled workforce, Australia is poised to benefit from the rising international demand for resources through continued inbound investment and cross-border opportunities in the sector.

Not for Profit

Good corporate governance, flexibility and an understanding of changing regulatory requirements are the keys to success in Australia’s purpose-driven not for profit sector. Highly collaborative organisations work with government entities and private businesses to make long lasting impact and deliver for Australians.

Professional Services

A strong and emerging industry in Australia, professional services practitioners operate in franchising, legal and accounting, advertising, engineering, business consulting and many more. Key concerns for the sector are skilled workforce shortages, staff retention and changing regulations.

Property & Construction

As your property specialists, We’re here to help you lay a solid foundation by structuring your project in a commercially attractive manner while managing your tax position to maximise project return. Our scalable solution means you can engage us for a specific part of your development or the entire project.

Retail & Wholesale

Largely consisting of SME businesses, Australia’s highly competitive retail and wholesale industry attracts players from many overseas markets. While the pandemic had markedly different impacts on the various subsectors of the industry, eCommerce benefitted from the temporary shutdown of physical stores and increased online shopping – a trend which has continued.


Fast growing and aspirational, Australia’s tech sector is currently the third highest contributor to gross domestic product and employs over half a million people. William Buck has significant experience assisting SaaS companies and other tech subsectors to scale, raise capital, identify growth opportunities in transactions and manage divestment mandates.

Transport & Distribution

While previously segregated into several subsectors, the industry is increasingly integrated and employs over half a million people across the country. With new technology including automation shaping the industry, new and emerging skills and business processes are required.


R&D insights

Manufacturing insights


William Buck are the accountants and advisors to the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) and are the preferred supplier to its members due to our dedicated manufacturing team that specialise in a range of services customised to the needs of the industry.

Manufacturing Industry Specialists

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