Exit Smart Report 2023

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William Buck’s leading Exit Smart Report measures the level of exit-readiness of businesses from a wide range of industries across Australia and New Zealand.

This year, our findings reveal a significant lack of preparedness among surveyed business owners to exit their business. This is a significant risk and can mean the difference between a successful exit at maximum profit and a difficult exit where value may be lost.

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Of those surveyed, most are significantly underprepared for their exit:

expect to exit their business within the next ten years

do not have an exit strategy

have not had their business valued in the last three years

Maximise the value of your business with the help of our Exit Smart Report 2023

A key finding from this report was that business owners in Australia and New Zealand have substantial concerns about being able to find a buyer for their business and receiving their desired sale price. This may be due to the business’s heavy reliance on its current owners but is also caused by a lack of exit planning. In our experience, long-term exit planning can help owners alleviate both these concerns while also maximising their profits.

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