Whether you’re accumulating your wealth or enjoying it in retirement, you need the right advice to help you manage and protect all that you’ve been working for.

Managing substantial business investments, family investment trusts, large family estates, self-managed superfunds, and varied investment portfolios requires a remarkable level of attention. The necessary tax and superannuation compliance bring an additional layer of intricacy. Complex affairs require expertise and specialisation beyond basic accounting or taxation advice.

We understand that your need for proper financial advice and proper structuring and compliance are interdependent and that the areas that often require the most careful consideration is where they intersect. That’s why we’ve created a solution that supports your financial advice. One should not exist without the other.

Our private client services works like the pyramid shown below. Our structuring, superannuation and compliance services provide a solid base to support the financial advice you receive from your advisors. We bring the brightest technical and practical minds together to provide the most appropriate advice for your situation.

Our specialists bring the same level of professionalism to our private clients as our business clients with the added experience, specialisation and personalised service required to deal with the unique challenges you face.

It’s important to us that we build a strong and trusted relationship with our clients. We do this by listening attentively providing a solution tailored to their needs. Each of our private clients is appointed a dedicated and accessible advisor to provide a discrete, confidential and personalised service.

For Advisors
We work in partnership with Private Banks and Wealth Management Advisors to provide their clients with a streamlined, holistic service. We offer expert specialist advice across the areas of tax, superannuation, estate planning and asset protection.

Priority access to William Buck’s technical experts ensures that our Banking and Wealth Management partners can offer their clients the highest quality service.

Our Approach
Our solutions centre on six core modules which are tailored to meet your specific needs. This approach is designed to enable clients to access as many or few modules as they require, providing a cost-effective and scalable solution.

The core modules are summarised in the following tables. Each module includes a systematic process to record and understand your needs, then develop, implement and monitor strategies to deliver your desired outocome.


Module 1


Module 2


Module 3

Streamline your arrangements and reduced your overall tax rate.

Our tax rate optimiser pays particular attention to:

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Cost of transfer
  • Use of beneficiaries’ effective tax rates
  • Existing business & structural entities
  • Existing legal & financial planning arrangements

Ensure your wishes are met, and achieve a tax effective transfer of assets

We work with your legal advisors to provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Pre or post death estate planning
  • Effective use of losses
  • Providing for non-resident beneficiaries
  • Charitable donations
  • Use of testamentary trusts
  • Selecting Executors

Protect the assets you’ve been working a lifetime for.

Our systematic approach involves:

  • Risk management assessments
  • Review of ownership and control of assets to minimise risk
  • Structuring and restructuring to contain/reduce risk
  • Demerging passive assets from business assets
  • Use of testamentary trusts in estate plans
  • Superannuation strategies


Module 4


Module 5


Module 6

Develop a tax effective succession plan to secure your business exit.

We can provide a comprehensive review of your current structure and develop strategies with particular regard to:

  • Maximising business value
  • CGT concessions
  • A range of optimise exit options tailored to your needs
  • Flexible and effective employee remuneration models
  • Business continuity planning

Make the most out of your SMSF.

We can assist you in identifying and implementing advanced superannuation strategies including:

  • Unlocking additional contribution caps
  • Transferring property held in companies and trusts in an effective manner
  • Use of related party and external funding mechanisms
  • Transitioning ownership of assets and entities to your SMSF
  • Segregation strategies
  • Transferring the benefit of tax paid by current members to the next generation

Take the hassle out of your tax and SMSF compliance.

Our tax compliance services are delivered in an effective, efficient and timely manner.

We make use of the latest technology to record and process transactions automatically streamlining processes, reporting and costs.

Benefits to advisors and clients include:

  • Continuity through your review, ongoing implementation and compliance processes.
  • Minimisation of ongoing compliance costs
  • Proactive recommendations to improve systems


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