Diana Dimitrov, Director, Business Advisory
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“I take a holistic approach with my clients, ensuring I understand all aspects of their lives and developing a plan to ensure they achieve financial security and peace of mind.”

Diana Dimitrov

Director, Business Advisory

Diana’s personable and honest nature allows her to build fast rapport with her client’s and ascertain their needs quickly.

With over 25 years of experience and her strong belief that communication is key – Diana’s collaborative approach and strong relationships across the firm allows her to achieve the best result for her clients.

Diana is extremely passionate about helping her clients gain financial freedom and independence.

She leads the Family Law Service Team, with the primary focus on clients going through a separation or divorce – assisting at all stages of the separation process, empowering them with knowledge and tools to help them achieve financial independence.

Diana’s specialisation also includes family groups – ensuring a most satisfactory structure is in place and is aligned with the client’s succession and estate plan. She also enjoys educating, supporting and empowering the next generation as part of their family plans.

In contrast to the above, Diana has a strong interest in assisting foreign businesses expanding into Australia. She is supported by a strong team across the firm to deliver excellent results and minimise risks associated with the complexities of the relevant laws of each country.

Outside of work, Diana can be found exploring the local markets for their unique produce.

The Facts:

Core Expertise

  • Tax and Advisory Services
  • Tax Review and Structuring
  • Succession and Estate Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Next Generation Mentoring


  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting and IT)
  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


  • Family Groups
  • Family Law Service
  • Foreign Owned Businesses