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With Summer not far away and property investment gaining popularity, you may be considering investment opportunities in the holiday rental market.

Buying that dream holiday location can not only provide you with a great place to take a well-earned break and relax with family and friends, but can also be a great investment opportunity.

Where and Why?

The key considerations in purchasing property for investment are the rental income generated and the potential for capital gain. Location is an important factor on both counts as you want your property to maximise income to cover or assist in covering interest and upkeep costs and also be in a location that is likely to grow and increase in popularity as a holiday destination.

The other consideration is how much is the purchase about lifestyle for you and the investment potential. To maximise income, the property will be need to available for rent in the most popular holiday periods.

Do your research

Doing your research including speaking to local land agents and checking websites for availability and rental costs of similar properties in the region will help in determining the income potential and the financial viability of the property.

There can also be taxation implications when acquiring a holiday investment property such as the time you utilise the property for yours or your family and friends enjoyment.

William Buck Business Advisory can provide expert tax advice on any proposed holiday rental investment purchase.

Financing Options

There are a number of financing options available to cater for this type of Investment funding.  Through our panel of an extensive range of financiers, William Buck Finance can assist you in seeking a flexible finance package to suit your financing needs, be it a fixed or variable interest rate, principal and interest or interest only period. We will ensure you are receiving market leading products and pricing and at no additional cost to you for the service.

While doing this, for your peace of mind we can also review all of your Banking arrangements to ensure you are receiving market competitive services and rates.  There are a currently a number of very attractive offers from financiers in the market and we would be pleased to discuss these with you.

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Malcolm heads up the Finance Broking and Advisory team at William Buck. He has a 30 year background in Banking and Finance and delights in assisting clients in structuring and procuring the right finance at the best price.