I want to create further awareness around the importance of careful consideration before cancelling any life insurance you have in place. Before considering cancelling any of your insurance cover, we recommend that you have a thorough health check. Two of our clients of late have really thanked us for this advice.

One of our clients was wanting to cancel his life cover as he was getting older and felt he no longer required the cover anymore. He was in the asset position where he no longer required insurance, which is an ideal position to be in. However, it was recommended that he have a thorough health check before doing that. This particular client followed through with this and as a result, a significant health issue was identified with his heart which led him to having further tests.

This client specifically stated ‘that is the most valuable piece of advice I have ever received’. He is very thankful that we suggested that he have a health check as he would have never thought of it and didn’t know anything was wrong with his health.

Another one of our clients who is a medical professional was considering reducing/cancelling some of his insurance (trauma cover being a component of it) and again, we mentioned to first get a health check. He took our advice and as a result of the check up has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This client had no symptoms and no reason to seek medical advice, so he is very thankful for the advice as now it has been picked up relatively early, he will undergo treatment and we will handle his trauma insurance claim for him.

Therefore, I encourage you to please to have a thorough health check before cancelling any existing personal insurance you have. My biggest concern is clients cancelling their cover and then not long after something happening to them that could lead to an insurance claim. More importantly, like both of the cases above, it may also uncover a health risk you weren’t aware of which may save your life. Alternatively it will give you peace of mind to feel comfortable with your decision to cancel your cover.

If you have any questions or would like to catch up and review your personal insurance, I can be contacted on 08 8409 4333 or via email at

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Courtney is a Risk Insurance Manager at William Buck, helping her clients protect their most valuable asset, themselves. She always goes the extra mile to assist, especially in times of need. Courtney is on maternity leave with a newly born baby boy, but she is available via email.