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We know that operating in the Digital Economy and even understanding it can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve created this Hub to share with you the knowledge we’ve gathered from our internal and external specialists. It’s about delivering crucial bespoke advice built on experience. Welcome to our Hub!

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Latest videos

Measuring the success of your online business
23 May 2022

In this episode, Laura Johnstone will help you measure your E-commerce success and stand out from the competition.

The 3 fundamental rules when scaling your online business
23 May 2022

Join Eric Flammang as he walks you through the three fundamentals to consider when scaling your online business.

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Welcome to our E-commerce series
16 March 2022

Knowing your value proposition
16 March 2022

The benefits of automation and online payment services
5 October 2021

Starting an E-commerce- what are you doing wrong?
5 October 2021

DDE Talk | Podcast Series

Digital readiness is essential for navigating the next decade to ensure companies not only survive but thrive. And we believe in cutting through the ‘industry jargon’ and simplifying all the over-the-top information that is out there about the Digital Economy.

Latest articles

D and E page_person at laptop with icons

E-commerce Series: Online legal documents implementation

1 June 2022

All online businesses that operate through a website require several key legal documents, such as a Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Terms and Conditions.

Insights_general_woman on laptop for e-commerce business

E-commerce Series: Measuring the success of your online business

23 May 2022

To build an e-commerce business is no easy task, so you want to be able to measure whether you’ve got a good foundation before scaling up.

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Insights_general_woman in warehouse on ipad

The three fundamental rules when scaling your online business

19 May 2022

Insights_BA_Target arrows

E-commerce Series: Competitor Analysis Part 2- Value proposition

25 February 2022

Insights_Business_Women analysing

E-commerce Series: Competitor Analysis Part 1- Why is it important?

9 February 2022

Insights_Retail_colourful circles

The benefits of automation, integration and online payment services

30 September 2021

Insights_Business_yellow trolley and mouse

Setting up an online store: why you need a business plan

30 September 2021

Removal of special purpose article

Tips for preparing your tax information if you’ve been working in the Gig Economy

21 June 2021

EOFY_2021_legislation change

Digital Transformation | 2021/22 Budget: What’s in it for my Australian Small Business? 

21 June 2021

digital estate planning

Digital estate planning


23 April 2021

The importance of internal controls 

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BCP and Disaster Recovery Planning


Deconstructing the future of the Digital Economy


E-business Residency


E-commerce and GST


The secret seven – business basics that stood the test of time

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Accounting in the age of Technology


A focus on algorithms and automation


Digital Transformation – What to consider


Tax timing considerations for cashflow


Marketing basics – A guide for beginners


Federal Budget 2020-21 and the Digital Economy


Taxation challenges


Cloud computing and e-commerce


Disruption, Transformation and Extinction

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Data analytics and e-commerce


E-commerce contracts: Australian Tax perspective

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