Did you know that William Buck is part of one of the Largest groups of independent accounting networks in the world?

“Praxity” is an innovative, international alliance of accounting firms in over 110 countries and 710 offices. Together, they have become the sixth largest accounting network in the world. The offices share their combined expertise, providing customised business solutions and regional connections for clients looking to expand their businesses overseas.

Two of our Directors recently attended the Praxity International conference in Athens. Their feedback was that while Australia seems a long way away to the rest of the world, to enterprising Australian businesses looking to grow their businesses overseas, the Praxity alliance provides an almost unrivalled opportunity for advice and connections to help make this happen.

Praxity’s Member Firms are champions for business globally. The whole focus of the group is to help clients grow and to meet their needs across international borders. As an alliance, Praxity amplifies competitive advantages while supporting unique and diverse cultures.

Wherever you are looking to expand to, whatever sectors you operate in, and whenever you need standard, regulatory or even ad-hoc support, we can deliver a fully coordinated cost-effective and competitive service that draws on the very best mix of regional and technical experts. Having the right connections is what helps clients grow their businesses.

If you are thinking of expanding your business off-shore, or already have investments overseas and need support, talk to one of our advisers and take advantage of this alliance.