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Fraud prevention begins with a William Buck fraud health check

Business fraud is on the rise and it could cost you millions in financial and reputational damage.

Fraud can affect businesses of all sizes and across all industries. The best way for businesses to combat fraud is to stop it before it starts – and that all begins with an internal audit including a fraud health check.

William Buck – experts in internal audit and fraud risk

The William Buck internal audit team has vast experience in conducting internal audits that identify and manage fraud risk within your business.

We can suggest practical solutions to mitigate your risks associated with fraud and help you develop strategies to manage potential risks.

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Searching for fraud red flags

We aim to assist you to implement procedures that will detect, stop, or prevent potentially fraudulent behaviour. Red flags include:

  • Unauthorised changes in staff or vendor account details
  • Creation of “ghost” vendors or employees
  • People spending beyond their means
  • People with behavioural issues such as a gambling habit
  • Poor cash flow when business appears to be buoyant
  • False invoices
  • Scam emails
  • Unauthorised credit card transactions

William Buck – 30 years working with WA business

The William Buck team in Western Australia has 30 years of experience working in the local business community. Our industry and sector specialists bring expert knowledge and assurance to your project outcomes. We’re also part of a network of accountants and advisors across Australia and New Zealand established in 1895.

We value our client relationships. Regardless of size, you and your business are important to us. You’ll receive high level resources with a deeply engaged service that other firms struggle to provide.

For further information on how you can prevent fraud contact Duy Vo or call 0403 435 469.

Duy Vo
Director, Audit & Assurance

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