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Get advice on your property business from a specialist property accountant at William Buck

If your business is built around property and construction, you need an accountant who has specialised expertise in the sector.

William Buck’s Business Advisory team has advised some of Perth’s most successful property development and investment businesses for more than 30 years, helping to guide hundreds of projects from feasibility to construction, from tax planning to an exit strategy.

From residential and commercial construction to large infrastructure projects, businesses in this sector shape the world around us. But fluctuations in markets along with a rigorous legislative and regulatory environment can present a challenge. The experienced team at William Buck offers trusted advice that provides a solid foundation for decision-making in your property business.

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William Buck’s property advisory services

Sensitivity analysis

Market fluctuations and uncertainties are a reality in the property sector but we can help you navigate them with confidence. Our team conducts comprehensive sensitivity analysis, allowing you to assess the impact of various scenarios on your investments. Gain insights into risk mitigation strategies and make informed decisions to safeguard your projects.

Structuring for tax and compliance

The William Buck Business Advisory team will recommend the most suitable business structure for your property venture. With our thorough understanding of tax regulations, we design transaction structures that prioritise tax efficiency and compliance. Our goal is to minimise tax liabilities while maximising your investment’s financial performance.

Planning a successful exit strategy

We can help you exit your property development or investment with confidence because our expertise ensures compliance without any surprises. A successful exit is the culmination of careful planning. Our team will collaborate closely with you to scope your tax liabilities and accurately attribute income, minimising surprises post-event and ensuring a smooth transition to your next venture.

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George Cosentino
Director, Business Advisory


Frank Del Borrello
Director, Business Advisory

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