1. Turning up for an interview inappropriately dressed or untidy. 
For accounting roles males should always wear a suit and tie and females tailored clothing (either pant suit, skirt suit or tailored dresses (not too short). Hair styles should also be neat and not extreme in nature.

2. Looking disinterested. 
If the people interviewing you have taken the time to meet you it is important that you repay that with enthusiasm – after all if you’re not interested in the role, why are you there?

3. Not knowing anything about the company you’ve applied to.
It is important to understand why you have chosen to apply to a company – what is it about the company that attracted you in the first place?

4. Ineffective Communication Style 
When answering questions ensure you don’t ramble. Answer the question concisely and know when to stop. In many instances the first part of an answer is all you need – at times people continue to talk and manage to ‘un-answer’ the question and appear unfocused.

5. Negative Attitude
Employers want to fill roles with people that will make a positive impact on their company not people that are negative about things/ people.

6. Being rude about former employers / colleagues 
Alarm bells ring when candidates speak ill of former employers/ colleges. It is never ok to do this.

7. Being unprepared for basic interview questions. 
Ensure you consider answers to basic interview questions before your interview. It is not a good idea to be so rehearsed that you don’t come across as genuine but it is equally damaging to not be across basic interview questions and of course, the content of your resume.

8. Don’t chew gum or smell like smoke – self-explanatory really.

9. If you’re unsure of what a question is actually asking, ask for clarification – you’re better off asking rather than providing a totally irrelevant answer. Questions are always welcome.

10. Confidence 
A balance is required here. If you have little or no confidence in yourself, it is unlikely that your prospective employer will either. Too much confidence can also be a put off – employers are looking for people that will fit into their team not aggravate the hell out of them.

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