William Buck Auckland responds to growth in the Golden Triangle
9 April 2018 | Minutes to read: 2

William Buck Auckland responds to growth in the Golden Triangle

By William Buck

Market growth across the Golden Triangle has seen Chartered Accountant and advisory firm William Buck Auckland respond to demand, announcing a merger with Ingham Mora Audit Services in Tauranga.

The merger will give clients access to an epicentre of audit services while enhancing industries’ ability to conduct business in multiple locations.

William Buck Managing Director Clyde Young, says the merger is significant for the business community in the growth triangle of Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.

“With a solid global economic outlook expected in New Zealand, this merger supports the Government’s plans to drive growth in the area, particularly in the export market,” Young says.

“It will strengthen market needs for high quality financial services, especially for agricultural and manufacturing operations in the region,” he says.

Licensed auditor and CAANZ Councillor, Director Richard Dey who is joining William Buck, says his clients will benefit from the scale and scope of the merge.

“With four licensed auditors and 21 audit staff, we will be a viable FMA reporting epicentre, while promoting audit quality through our combined specialist expertise,” Dey says.

“The merger will allow smooth transition of job rotations and ensure our compliance and reporting requirements are met, so we can be truly independent and transparent auditors,” Dey says.

Dey says, aligning cultures was a major factor in joining William Buck, whose experience in the middle market for over 120 years and ‘Changing Lives’ philosophy is present in everything they do.

“William Buck have demonstrated their commitment to quality and transparency, not just in audit, but in the positive difference they have in the community,” he says.

“Culture is significant to the public interest role of auditors, who play a vital part in upholding society’s financial integrity and is also part of our people-focused and collegiate approach to business,” he says.

“Our continued and significant presence in the charity and Not-For-Profit sector will also be supported by William Buck,” he says.

Clyde Young welcomes Richard and his team, saying William Buck will benefit from Richard’s local market knowledge, specialised expertise and personalised service.

“Richard will add value to our firm by enhancing our audit offering both as a registered auditor and as an active participant in the agricultural sector.”

Dey and his eight staff will continue to provide personalised and high quality audit services to existing clients under the William Buck brand while boosting their audit depth.

“Joining William Buck will give my team access to a network of specialist knowledge, technical resources and training and high quality recruitment, by being part of one New Zealand’s most respected accounting and business advisory firms,” Dey says.


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