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William Buck Tauranga moves to The Kollective
1 October 2020 | Minutes to read: < 1

William Buck Tauranga moves to The Kollective

By William Buck

On Monday, our Tauranga team moved into their new workspace at The Kollective – TK. The Kollective is located at 145 Seventeenth Avenue, Tauranga, just off Cameron Road and close to Tauranga’s CBD.

The Kollective is New Zealand’s largest co-working space and is dedicated to the success of not-for-profit, social enterprise, charity and government organisations, as well as businesses like us who have a social responsibility ethos and a passion for our community.

Richard Dey, who leads our Tauranga team, says moving to this modern, flexible workspace provides our Tauranga-based specialist audit team with an opportunity to work more collaboratively, while maintaining our client and community focus.

“The new space gives us the opportunity to rethink the way we work and to continue delivering quality service to our clients. The Kollective is superbly set up to support our staff and our clients, with great facilities and a positive and welcoming environment,” said Richard.

TK’s facilities include meeting rooms, event spaces, and access to an electric car, e-scooters and e-bikes.

“As a member of The Kollective we are committed to playing an active part in the TK community, and to its values,” said Richard.

“We saw a close alignment with The Kollective’s community-based vision and William Buck’s Changing Lives philosophy. Changing Lives is present in everything we do, and we aspire to create a positive change in the lives of our clients, our people and our community.”

“We are excited to be joining The Kollective and to be working alongside like-minded people and other progressive organisations. It’s also great to see many of our clients are already part of the TK family.”

To find out more about The Kollective visit https://www.thekollective.org.nz/

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