Governments grants and incentives – what’s on offer?
18 February 2021 | Minutes to read: 2

Governments grants and incentives – what’s on offer?

By William Buck

Grant funding is an excellent source of government support to help our clients get ahead, stay competitive, and fast track business goals. Our R&D Incentives & Grants team has expanded its service offering to assist clients with a wide range of Federal and State Government grant applications.

What’s on offer?

  1. Accelerating Commercialisation

Accelerating Commercialisation provides SMEs, entrepreneurs, and researchers with access to expert advice and up to $500,000 in matched funding to help get a novel product, process, or service to market.

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Early Stage Research Fund (AMERSF)

The Advanced Manufacturing Early-Stage Research Fund provides manufacturing SMEs with $100,000 – $400,000 funding for rapid initial feasibility testing, which allows projects to then move quickly to larger-scale research or commercialisation.

  1. Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund (BREEF)

This $31 million fund aims to provide simultaneous grant funding to businesses for both capital works and energy demand management technologies, where applicants can choose the level of co-funding they need from the government.

  1. Coles Nurture Fund

SMEs in the agrifood/grocery sector can apply for a grant of up to $500,000 to help them develop new market-leading products, technologies, and processes.

  1. Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants

The Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grant provides between $100,000 – $3,000,000 funding for short-term, industry lead research collaborations.

  1. Latrobe Valley Energy and Growth Program

This new Program will fund implementation ready community and industry projects that increase the uptake of renewable energy generation, management, and storage technologies, and that draw on local skills and services.

  1. Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF)

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund provides $100,000 – $1,000,000 of co-funding to support manufacturing SMEs to transform manufacturing capabilities and stimulate job growth and a more highly skilled workforce.

  1. Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Grants

A suite of grants that provide up to $3,000,000 of funding to support a wide range of research initiatives under the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

  1. New Energy Jobs Fund

The $20 million New Energy Jobs Fund is designed to support Victorian-based projects that create long-term sustainable jobs, increase the uptake of renewable energy generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive innovation in new energy technologies.

  1. Recycling Victoria Business Support Fund

The Recycling Victoria Business Support Fund provides $100,000 – $1,000,000 of funding to support waste prevention, reuse/remanufacture and innovative recycling throughout Victoria.

  1. Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund

The program is intended to assist by providing $75,000 – $2,000,000 in funding for the presentation of new or re-shaped cultural and creative activities and events including festivals, concerts, and tours.

How can we assist?

Our R&D Incentives & Grants service can be tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs where we can be involved in the full preparation of the application or review the application a client drafts.


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