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Top 10 actions to make your marketing data-driven
27 January 2021 | Minutes to read: 3

Top 10 actions to make your marketing data-driven

By Nat Pacheco
  1. Personalise Your campaigns

Big data and innovative analytics tools enable businesses to create highly targeted campaigns with personalised communications. With carefully analysed data to back their marketing strategies, business owners have a much better idea of what and when to send marketing messages. This timeliness and accuracy increases the chance of striking an emotional chord with the audience and encouraging positive engagement.

  1. Optimise multiple marketing channels

With data-driven marketing, you can identify which channel performs best and which message evokes the desired user behaviour. You can also identify which content format works best at any given time in any marketing channel—be it email, social media, or blog posts.

  1. Increase customer engagement

Because your marketing message is relevant to their needs, users will be more likely to like, share, and engage with your content. With increased user engagement comes brand trust, and with brand trust, comes enhanced brand perception. In the long run, this leads to increased purchases, loyalty, and advocacy.

  1. Continuously enhance customer experience

Customers want information that’s useful to them, available at the exact time they need, through the right channel, and available on all devices. It’s important to consider that when analysing and improving your customer journey. Make sure you deliver the best experience for customers in all key moments they engage with your brand.

  1. Always improve content quality

Our world changes in a heartbeat. It is important to continue to be relevant and to adjust your content often to cater for those changes. Customers are becoming more and more selective and demanding and your content quality needs to live up to that.

  1. Segment your audience

You might be tempted to think that spreading out your message to as many people as possible is an efficient way to drive your strategy forward. Though it might be quicker, it’s much better to take a few hours and use the data you’ve acquired to segment your target audience. It’s much more likely that your potential clients are going to feel like your company is speaking to them, and your products or services can be meaningful to them. And that’s wsat most clients are looking for when they decide to do business with someone.

  1. Adopt Marketing Automation

Investing in marketing automation tools is not just a fad, it’s already the norm. To make your data-driven strategy work, you will need to develop multiple content pieces for different segmentations. So, instead of having to sort out yourself and spend hours trying to send the right message to the right group, let the automation tools do that for you.

  1. Embrace Customer Feedback

It’s obvious that one of the essential components for the success of a data-driven marketing strategy is, well, data. So, why not just ask your customers what they want? Online polls and surveys can be a great way to drive your marketing strategy. Customers might be reluctant to take the time to complete your surveys, so you can incentivise them with gift cards or coupons.

  1. Focus on your loyal customers

Don’t spread yourself thin. The best people to focus on are your most loyal customers. These are the ones that set the benchmark for a successful plan. Implementing the right customer retention strategy will also go a long way toward improving client relationships and increasing their lifetime value. Loyalty programs have proven to be an effective means of tracking purchases and analysing your target group’s buying behaviours or patterns.

  1. Always test

In digital, nearly everything can be measured and tested. That means that your organisation must have the capacity and resources to execute tests continuously. Combine analytics with action-oriented measurement activities such as A/B and multivariate testing. From the checkout flow and the quoting engine to the subscription form and your top campaign landing pages – test continuously.

Top 10 actions to make your marketing data-driven

Nat Pacheco

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