Successful Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) Grant Application
5 November 2020 | Minutes to read: < 1

Successful Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) Grant Application

By Dr. Rita Choueiri and Berrin Daricili

The client

The company is a global market leader in battery powered end-to-end industrial sensors and IOT solutions which are delivered to more than 200 companies and partners in 50 countries.

The opportunity

Our client is expanding their Low Power Wide Area communication technologies, with the MMF they would have the funding they needed to expedite their plans for development.

How did we help?

Our Melbourne team submitted a competitive grant application in the first round of the MMF program to secure the funding for our client, which is to be used to support their business growth and global expansion by allowing it to digitise its manufacturing capabilities. We achieved a successful application by working closely with our client to draft the responses and assist compile the supporting evidence including:

  • A detailed project plan
  • A project budget detailing how the project expenditure would be allocated
  • Other supporting documents such as contracts and invoices.

The outcome

We successfully secured a $700K Government grant as part of the Coalition’s $50m Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF). The grant will facilitate the improvement of its manufacturing capacity, create new jobs, upskill its entire workforce and ultimately allow our client to achieve its goals and objectives sooner while simultaneously benefitting the Australian economy and workforce.

How do you access the MMF for your business?

The good news for other Aussie manufacturers is that under the Morrison Government’s $1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy, it was announced in the 2021-21 Budget that a further $52.8m of grant funding is available over three years for MMF that could benefit many more SME Australian companies with big dreams. A new round is expected to open soon.

To discuss what is on offer or to prepare for the next round, contact our R&D Incentives team.

Successful Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) Grant Application

Dr. Rita Choueiri

Dr. Rita Choueiri is a scientist and the head of the Melbourne R&D Incentives division. She is a keen promoter of innovation and is a highly regarded R&D specialist helping companies to identify R&D opportunities, determine project eligibility and set up the systems and processes to maximise tax offsets and minimise exposure.

Successful Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) Grant Application

Berrin Daricili

Berrin is a Principal in our R&D Incentives & Grants division. She works across manufacturing, technology and biotechnology industries. Berrin’s expertise are in government grants and funding programs for startups, SMEs and ASX-listed companies.

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