Inside the Mind of a Chief Financial Officer

We step inside the mind of a CFO to provide 360 degree support across a full range of disciplines.




  Strategic Partner to the CEO

CFOs are an invaluable ally to the CEO and often occupy a seat on the board, bridging the gap between day to day operations and the company’s strategic direction.

In many ways, this is because of the unique perspective a CFO brings to the table. Looking at the implications of strategic decisions through both a financial and commercial lens, CFOs help to translate numbers into real opportunities.

William Buck advisors will work collaboratively with you to help balance both mid and long term visions, and realise your business goals for greater profitability and growth.  With specialist teams across a range of industries, we can help you address, financial, operational and industry specific challenges which may impede success.

  Performance Barometer

While CFOs have always been responsible for keeping on top of the company’s financial scorecard, they are increasingly charged with reporting and improving on non-financial performance indicators.

The modern CFO needs to have a sufficient understanding of the business and its operational complexity in order to gather the relevant intelligence to measure performance in real time.

Our advisors can analyse information from various business units to uncover the core value drivers of your business.   Combining these insights with sophisticated forecasting and financial modelling we will provide you with a clear picture of what’s possible for your business.

  Compliance & Reporting

Your business’ integrity is built on its ability to prepare and disclose accurate financial results and uphold its tax obligations. And of course, the buck often stops with you as the CFO.

Tailoring a tax and compliance program for your business, we can relieve some of the burden by taking care of your annual and quarterly tax reporting requirements, and preparing and lodging your company’s tax returns.

Our technical experts can prepare fully compliant financial reports in accordance with the latest Australian Accounting Standards and Interpretations, assisting you to meet your reporting obligations, whether they be requirements under the Corporations Act, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Listing Rules or the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission.

We will also keep you and your team up to date on new accounting, reporting and disclosure standards, and help them to interpret their practical application.

Assurance services that provide confidence 

Our assurance services go beyond providing statutory compliance and the verification of financial statements.  Our focus is also on providing constructive insights which support operational decision making, continuous improvement and achieve sustainable financial performance.

By understanding your business, industry and market conditions, we can custom design an audit approach which links your company’s key process drivers to your business objectives.  The end result is a more efficient and cost-effective approach.
Many CFOs also look to William Buck for assistance in improving their internal audit processes.  Our advisors offer objective analysis backed up with practical recommendations for immediate implementation.

  Growth Driver

If you’re looking at organic or acquisition growth, or developing new products and markets, you might need a helping hand.

William Buck advisors can work closely with you to evaluate new products, services and investments, and design an expansion strategy for your business.

A thorough review of your current business model will ensure that you have the necessary infrastructure, and reporting systems in place to support your new venture.

And when the time comes to establish new operations, we will ensure that they are set up using the most effective operational and tax structures for your needs.

Explore new markets

William Buck’s local team is well supported by our extensive global network. As a member of Praxity, the world’s largest international accounting alliance, we have access to 30,000 professionals in 97 countries, representing an unrivalled global resource and knowledge pool.

Our international advisors can help you appraise new ventures in emerging and developed markets, and set up operations across the globe. Combining experience with local financial and demographic data, we can assess your expected financial return, risk or any barriers to entry.

  Commercial Leader

Whilst it is your financial acumen and experience that has landed you the role of CFO, we’ve observed that today’s CFOs often step beyond the realms of finance and onto the business centre stage.

William Buck mentors CFOs of some of Australia and New Zealand’s most progressive companies, providing necessary financial and non-financial management advice to challenge thinking and complement internal resources.

  Risk Manager

Safeguarding the integrity of your company’s financial reporting and shareholders’ investment is paramount. It’s critical to have systems in place to provide accountability and control risk.

Corporate governance that adds value 

Understanding the risks faced by your business, William Buck can design a risk management program that aligns operations with your business strategy.   The end result is a framework that facilitates decision making, creates value and opportunity and provides clarity for your board, shareholders and regulators.

Tax strategies that get results

Tax risk management has become a moving target.  You must find the balance between taking advantage of business strategies to maximise your after-tax position while still meeting tax obligations. With a thorough knowledge of local and international tax laws and a broad commercial understanding, our specialists deliver tax strategies that achieve results.

Maintaining a close dialogue with the Australian Tax Office and other relevant authorities, we can also keep you up to date with changes you need to know.

  Deal Maker

As the CFO of your company, the job may fall to you to broker high-end corporate transactions. And achieving success requires the right team with the right experience.

Our Business Advisory, Corporate Advisory and Tax specialists will work together to ensure that every facet of your planned transaction is aligned to your strategic objectives.

Our technical specialists can help your business achieve optimal value from mergers and acquisitions, takeovers and divestments.  They also undertake comprehensive operational and tax due diligence and prepare valuations, financial modelling and expert reports.

By taking on a project management position, we can co-ordinate other advisors such as lawyers and technical experts, so even though you are the deal maker, you’re never alone.

  Change Specialist

The future is harder to predict than ever before.  Disruptive technology, shifting market dynamics and new leadership models all call for change.In this environment, the CFO is often looked to as a change specialist.

Our advisors can assist you and your executive team in reviewing the business’ processes, systems and operating model.

We can also assist in evaluating your current organisational structure and put in place a tax effective structure to save costs and protect assets while maintaining the flexibility to adapt with your business.

  Financial Gatekeeper

While the nature of the CFO’s role has changed, he or she is still responsible for the financial stewardship of the business.

CFOs must display a combination of scepticism and objectivity, which challenges potentially misguided decisions.  With experience across a broad range of industries, our advisors look beyond the hard data and often act as a sounding board for CFOs, bringing greater objectivity.
The CFO must also look after the business’ financial health and managing and raising capital can be tricky for all organisations regardless of their size.

Working with you to assess the most appropriate capital arrangements for your business, , we can provide tailored investment advice and assistance in capital raising initiatives including private equity, bank finance, mezzanine finance, share issues and listing or privatisation.
We can also help you to restructure your affairs to release excess capital and take advantage of more competitive financing arrangements.

  Corporate Conscience

With the advent of social media, communications have become more transparent and immediate.  Information about your business is no longer limited to your corporate website or annual report.
Businesses (and increasingly their CFOs) need to be prepared to face questions relating to their financial and business practices.

With a commercial mindset our advisors make it their business to stay on top of consumer trends and behaviors, demographic shifts and public consciousness. In doing so, we can assist in assessing complex business decisions from both a financial and reputational perspective.