End of Financial Year can be daunting, marred by lost sleep and late nights at the office surrounded by sky high piles of invoices. But it doesn’t have to be a time of stress.

Here you’ll find some common year-end tax minimisation strategies as well as some lesser known – think legally breaching the annual concessional super contributions cap, and restructuring ownership of your investment assets to minimise tax on future income – to lighten the load and even help you reset financially, setting yourself up for lower taxes and greater wealth accumulation.

Your complete guide to year end tax planning and reporting

Download our end of financial year guide for small businesses, with important EOFY dates, tips to help you stay compliant and in control of your tax obligations.

The latest resources to help you manage your end of financial year

Get going, get growing

The do’s and don’ts that will maximise your after-tax return

We consider ways to protect your business from the impacts of another downturn and set the scene for success in 2021…

Analyzing financial data

Legislation changes that will impact your tax planning

We summarise some recent legislative changes to consider to ensure you receive the most from your after-tax return…

Tax dos and donts_EOFY

Research & Development and EOFY

With EOFY just around the corner, we’ve outlined simple steps business owners can take before year-end to ensure they receive the maximum amount from their Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive claim…


2021 year-end tax planning tips for medical specialists

It is hard to believe that we are in June already, and with only four weeks until 30 June, we have collated some important tax planning opportunities in the lead-up to the end of the financial year…

Stressed businessman calculate bills worried about bankruptcy financial problem

Tips for preparing your tax information if you’ve been working in the Gig Economy

Events of the last 12 months have seen many people change the way they work, with some moving into the sharing or gig economy to increase their income or make up for lost hours in their day job…

Recording the facts

SPFR Preparers: a plain language guide for what to expect under the new general-purpose financial reporting regime

By now your accountant will be telling you that this coming FY21 reporting year is the final year that you can prepare such special purpose financial reports…

couple relaxing with multimedia device at the resort

Year-end strategies for reduced tax exposure and ongoing wealth accumulation

Financial year end can be daunting, but rather than approaching it with disdain and visions of sky-high paperwork, consider it a time to reset financially and set yourself up for lower taxes and greater wealth accumulation…