This month we have prepared two articles that cover current issues we believe are relevant to SME advisors.

The first article considers the Commissioner’s views on the commencement and cessation of a pension, including what can happen when there is a shortfall in pension payments.

The second article looks at the payroll tax grouping provisions and how easy it can be for companies or trusts owned and controlled by different people to be grouped for payroll tax purposes.

SMSF: When is a pension not a pension?

A recent ruling from the Commissioner has highlighted the importance of administering a pension correctly, with severe tax consequences for those that fail to comply.

Payroll Tax: why is it so easy to be grouped?

It is often assumed that payroll tax grouping only applies in the context of related parties.  While this may serve as a starting point in considering grouping matters, recent court decisions have shown how easily companies and trusts which are not commonly owned can be grouped for payroll tax purposes.