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We understand that graduating and starting your career in Medicine can be exciting, daunting and maybe even stressful!  That is why we’ve created a hub of content that will help you navigate these changes and better understand your finances in this process.

Our firms have dedicated medical advisory specialists operating within all our Business Advisory Divisions. In years gone by, we have assisted many doctors as they commence their careers and have developed tailored solutions to meet your range of needs and solve common problems that you may experience.

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Latest videos

1 June 2022

Tips to keep control during market volatility

It’s difficult to see your investments increase in value one day and decrease the next. As with any market volatility, no approach can promise returns. In this video, Jack Walsh will share some tips to keep control during market volatility to help you make sensible decisions.

8 September 2021

Debt, and how to deal with it

In these times, personal debt such as car loans, personal loans, and credit card debt can accumulate very quickly. Monica Rayos will go through some strategies for managing your debt and paying it down sooner rather than later.

8 September 2021

FAQs | HELP loans

As junior doctors, most of you would have used a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan to fund your university studies.  In this episode Katherine Nielsen will answer the most frequently asked questions about the loan.

8 September 2021

The Ins and Outs of childcare subsidy

Raising a child and going back to work can be a challenging period in your life. In this episode Ben Manera will help demystify when and how much subsidy you can obtain when you enrol your children into child care.

8 September 2021

The ultimate Salary Packaging FAQ

In this episode William Buck, Business Advisory Partner Julie O’Reilly will answer all the commonly asked questions about Salary Packaging.

8 September 2021

Understanding your Tax Return

Each year, you are required to lodge your tax return with the ATO either by yourself or through your accountant, but do you understand your tax return?

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Tax return tips

19 July 2021

The benefits of tax planning

19 July 2021

Tax basics

19 July 2021

Cryptocurrency Tax

30 March 2021

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Latest articles

QLD medical advisory specialist_ Article market volatility_ person on the stock market online

Tips to keep control during market volatility

During unpredictable times and throughout market volatility, many investors start to question their long-term investment plans. Here are some useful tips on how you can weather this volatility.

Sustainable fund concepts: Arrange icon US dollar bags on rising coins. Investment in assets from personal income for long-term financial growth. Time value of money, wealth creation

What is a Motor Vehicle Logbook and why is it important?

Do you use your car for job-related duties or to run your business? Here we explore how to claim your motor vehicle expenses as a deduction.

Insights_Business_Doctor at home

Can income protection cover mortgage payments?

You worked tirelessly to own your dream home, but you’ve suffered an injury or illness that prevents you from working, will income protection cover your mortgage repayments?

HELP debt explained

As junior doctors, most of you would have used a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan to fund your university studies. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions on HELP.