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30 September 2021 | COVID-19 Disaster Payment to be phased out

The Federal Government has officially announced its plan to transition away from the COVID-19 Disaster Payment as states reach their vaccination targets.

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26 July 2021 | NSW JobSaver applications now open – further details on how to apply

Applications for the COVID-19 JobSaver payment opened on 26 July 2021. An expansion of the scheme was then announced on 28 July 2021, increasing the:

  • maximum amount eligible businesses could receive to $100,000, and
  • maximum national aggregated turnover threshold to $250 million (inclusive).

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19 July 2021 | Further detail announced on NSW Government’s 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant

The NSW Government has provided further detail on the 2021 Small Business COVID-19 Support Grant including greater clarity around the eligibility requirements and the documentation required for application.

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14 July 2021 | Additional COVID-19 support announced for Individuals across NSW

Scott Morrison, Gladys Berejiklian and Dominic Perrottet have jointly announced a raft of new support measures for the state of NSW in response to the prolonged lockdown in Greater Sydney.

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13 July 2021 | Increased COVID-19 relief and grants announced for NSW Businesses

Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian have announced a raft of new support measures for the state of NSW in response to the prolonged lockdown in Greater Sydney.

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1 June 2021 | Victorian Government ‘Circuit Breaker’ lockdown business assistance package

Victoria has announced a new $250.7 million Circuit Breaker Business Support Package to assist 90,000 businesses affected by the seven-day circuit breaker announced on 27 May 2021

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