COVID-19 | Business Revival Guide

A practical guide designed to give you a framework for developing a strategic business revival plan.

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COVID-19 has altered the trajectory of 2020 tremendously. While our COVID-19 Resource Centre assisted your business to respond to the initial impacts, here we provide the tools to navigate the next set of challenges as we enter the ‘new normal’.

Consider this your roadmap to re-emerging, where we will advise you on how to revive, review, refocus and thrive through COVID-19 and beyond.

Immediate actions for restarting

Cashflow forecasting | Refinancing | Renegotiating terms

Scenario Planning – the COVID-19 Wake up call 

Many business owners are struggling with the effects the ‘invisible enemy’ is having on their enterprise. Those that had planned for declining economic activity, maybe not as damaging as that being inflicted by COVID-19.

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The importance of cashflow forecasting and ‘how to’ during COVID-19 | Part 1

In this two-part series, William Buck Manager Business Advisory, Eric Flammang provides his recommendations for monitoring and managing cash inflow and outflows effectively during COVID19, using a three-way forecast.

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The importance of cashflow forecasting and ‘how to’ during COVID-19 | Part 2

When it comes to three-way financial modelling, small businesses can nowadays get packages which integrate to your cloud-based accounting data file or ERP system and perform algorithmic forecasting for less than $1,000 a year. But in practice…

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What’s working and what’s not

Restructuring workforce | Internal operations | Tax and legislation | Current initiatives | Suppliers and 3rd parties

Is your workforce ready for post COVID-19?

The issue of ‘skills gap’ is not a new one for many industries. In light of the current crisis we now have more employers struggling to find the right skills and training for their workforce.


Strategy and planning

Refining strategic plan | Indentifying future trends | Contingency planning |
esetting priorities

Rebuilding your practice post COVID-19

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that 49% of all Australian businesses have experienced an adverse impact as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions to combat the spread of the disease.


The New Business as Usual: Surviving and Thriving in a New Economic Environment

When the “recession we had to have” struck Australia in the late 1980s, there was an air of distain across the nation for a recession caused, not by drought or flooding rains, but by greed of the 1980’s and ultimately poor economic policy decision-making by governments. Then through the 1990’s…


Some positive business impacts of a global pandemic and where to from here?

This article was first published in the CFOMagazine on May 19 2020. For Grant Wilson’s clients, the impacts of COVID19 were felt overnight, but their experiences haven’t been as disastrous as you might imagine, and in many cases are incredibly positive.


Assessing your practices performance

Lessons from an income break and how to safeguard cashflow during during a downturn

Doctors and practices nationwide are suffering a variation in revenue due to a fall in the number of visits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP), though somewhat offset by an increase in flu injections.


Growth and opportunities

Real life examples | Utilising growth moments | Mergers & acquisitions |
Leveraging strategic partnerships | Innovation

What can startups expect with venture capital funding?

Should we look to China for hints as to what will happen with global VC? For our startup community to survive, we need to observe ground zero and monitor the shockwaves hitting regions ahead of us.


Adversity drives Innovation

This is a powerful sentiment that represents the ingenuity of the biotechnology industry and its ongoing effort to overcome COVID-19.


Thriving through quarantine

As our country locks down and migrates indoors to flatten the curve, our consumer-based economy is suffering. We could be heading into a worldwide COVID-19 recession…


Taking advantage of grants, subsidies and support

There are a number of government incentives that you could be eligible to access either at a Federal, State or local level. Australia has over 3000+ grants, funding programs, tax incentives and assistance measures to help SMEs.


Learning from lockdown: what can your company do better?

This article was first published by Praxity Global Alliance on the 

As organisations seek to refine their Covid-19 response strategies, there are still many unknowns but one thing is clear: the most agile, digitised and responsive businesses stand more chance of success.


16 June 2020 | Video

COVID-19 | Kick start your business

How do you revive and rebuild your business after CovID-19?  Business Advisory director, Rachael Wade provides immediate tips to get you up and running successfully, together with advice to assist you to refocus and realign your business strategy for the new environment.

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