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20 February 2019 | Minutes to read: < 1

Not for Profit News | ACNC

By Corrine Siddles

Charities and politics

With federal and NSW elections only months away, some charities might plan to campaign on political issues.

The ACNC’s guidance on election activity, Charities, elections and advocacy, notes that registered charities may undertake activities that are ‘aimed at securing or opposing any change to a law, policy or practice in the Commonwealth, a state or territory, or another country’.

They include:

  • Involvement in the development of public policy
  • Promotion of, or opposition to, particular laws, policies, practices or decisions of governments, and
  • Awareness-raising.

Registered charities cannot promote or oppose a political party or candidate.

It’s wise for charities to familiarise themselves with the ACNC’s guidance before undertaking any advocacy to ensure that they do not risk their status.

Not for Profit News | ACNC

Corrine Siddles

Corrine is a Director in our Audit and Assurance division. Corrine's expertise includes the audit of large and small corporations, not for profit entities, the financial services industry, community health centres, self managed superannuation funds and special purpose audits.

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