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Six ways to make yourself a VC magnet
15 October 2020 | Minutes to read: 2

Six ways to make yourself a VC magnet

By Mark Calvetti


Demonstrate your laser focus

Be more than a big idea. Show a disciplined approach to every task and project. Investors are impressed with founders who know their finances and key metrics.


Build the right team

Attract and retain the best people for the job. Investors won’t just assess your product and business model, they’ll be looking at the team you’ve chosen. You want solid staff that will roll up their sleeves and help achieve your goals and you want to avoid the common pitfalls.


Know what your investors value

Understand what motivates your investors and drives decisions. Familiarise yourself with the firm and know what type of companies are listed in their portfolio. Use this insight to plan how to appeal to them and know what ‘uses’ are most attractive such as staffing or marketing and what ‘uses’ will put them off.


Make it easy to see the ROI

Set aggressive growth targets, demonstrate your track record and know your breakeven point. Be clear on this, investors want to visualise their return. Be realistic about projected sales and margins and consider the impact from growing business operations, rising costs or new competitors.


Get in the spotlight

It’s up to you to know which investors are actively investing in your industry. Follow their company news, social posts, join online conversations and find ways to be mentioned. Be visible. You want people talking about your startup and what you’re doing.


Accommodate quick growth

Prove that your business can scale with demand, whether that’s infrastructure, inventory or staffing. On the flip side, be ready to answer questions on what will happen if growth slows or if costs go up.

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Six ways to make yourself a VC magnet

Mark Calvetti

Mark is a director of the Corporate Advisory division advising clients from a broad range of sectors on a variety of corporate advisory elements. Working with both private and public companies, Mark assists with acquisitions and disposals, capital restructuring advice (debt and equity), mergers and takeovers, IPOs, valuation and due diligence.

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