15 May 2024 | Adelaide Oval


About the Summit

The William Buck Adelaide 2024 CFO Summit is South Australia’s premier annual conference for finance leaders and decision makers.

Hosted by award-winning journalist Jess Adamson, we’re excited to release another outstanding line-up of well-known and respected speakers covering the most pressing issues facing businesses and organisations. It is the only full day event of its kind and a must attend for CFOs, finance leaders and decision makers across industry.

The CFO summit isn’t just an event; it’s a unique forum designed for finance leaders and decision makers from SME businesses, corporates, not-for-profits, and government sectors to come together, learn, and connect.



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Jamie McKeough, Managing Director | William Buck



Jess Adamson, Facilitator


Navigating growth: Insights from Peregrine’s journey to prominence

Discover how partnerships and a commitment to core values have propelled Peregrine to prominence, with a diversified product portfolio and strong market presence. Gain firsthand insights, and lessons learned from Charlie’s journey, offering a roadmap for navigating growth and success in today’s dynamic business environment. Charlie will also delve into the evolving role of the finance team, discussing his expectations as a Managing Director and how they have evolved over time.

Khalil (Charlie) Shahin AO, Managing Director | Peregrine Corporation


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In Conversation with Anthony Kittel – Culture and competitive advantage in the global context

As Managing Director of REDARC, Anthony Kittel has grown a company from 8 employees to more than 400 located across the globe. This Q&A session will explore how Anthony has led a critical company culture rebuild that has enabled REDARC to achieve incredible growth in a highly competitive market. Anthony’s lived experience from small business to becoming one of Australia’s most successful exporters provides a unique insight into how culture can have far reaching impacts on staff attraction and retention, customer engagement, innovation and overall business performance. But it hasn’t been without its challenges. Hear Anthony talk openly about the company’s cultural transformation journey and key lessons learned along the way.


Anthony Kittel, CEO and Managing Director | REDARC


Mindfulness-based well-being

Explore the meaning of well-being and its major sources in the workplace. This interactive session will delve into what mindfulness is (and is not!), why it works and how it contributes to well-being. Olga will also cover key strategies for adopting simple, effective mindfulness practices, equipping you with invaluable tools to maintain your own well-being, and that of your teams.

Dr Olga Muzychenko, Associate Head of Business School | The University of Adelaide




Operating in a green economy

Transitioning economies towards sustainability involves adopting a multi-level green strategy compromising macro, meso and micro levels. Göran will highlight challenges posed by laws of nature, resource constraints, recycling limitations, and infrastructure investment needs and lack of a systemic and coherent policy landscape. With an emphasis on financial aspects like return on investment, monetising waste, lowering costs through efficient gains, and profitable circular economy business models, the aim is to simultaneously reduce environment footprint while improving economic performance on the company, sector and economy-wide levels. 

Prof. Göran Roos, Internationally Renowned Innovator and Strategist


Are you ready for mandatory climate-related disclosures?

Join Karen as she delves into the upcoming climate-related disclosure legislation in Australia and what will be expected under the new Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards introduced by the AASB. Karen will cover the proposed scope, timelines, and key disclosure requirements. Additionally, she will offer essential tips for entities to commence sustainability reporting, how to avoid greenwashing, and offer insights into the future of sustainability reporting beyond climate concerns.

Karen McWilliams, Sustainability and Business Reform Leader | Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


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An executive’s cheat sheet to cyber: what CFOs and boards need to know

Cyber security is a complex ever-changing field, which requires in-depth expertise to get right. As executives responsible for the delivery of cyber outcomes, there are key concepts and considerations to understand that help you manage the complexities. Cristina and Jamie will talk about how to measure maturity and develop your cyber strategy, how to report progress and gaps to boards, and how much is enough to spend on cyber. 

Cristina Paetsch, Director | Hannan & Partners

Jamie Armfield, Information Security Consultant | Hannan & Partners


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Final comments/close

Matthew King, Audit & Assurance Director | William Buck


Wine tasting / networking (provided by Mollydooker Wines)


Jess Adamson

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The Hon. Stephen Mullighan MP 
Treasurer of South Australia

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Khalil (Charlie) Shahin AO
Managing Director,  Peregrine Corporation
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Anthony Kittel
CEO and Managing Director, REDARC
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Dr Olga Muzychenko
Associate Head of Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide
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Prof. Göran Roos
Internationally Renowned
Innovator and Strategist
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Karen McWilliams
Sustainability and Business Reform Leader, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
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Cristina Paetsch
Director, Hannan & Partners
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Jamie Armfield
Information Security Consultant,
Hannan & Partners
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Jamie McKeough
Managing Director, William Buck
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Matthew King
Assurance Services Director, William Buck
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