The below program is from William Buck’s 2023 CFO Summit, which took place at Adealide Oval on 17 May 2023.



Registration/arrival coffee


Jamie McKeough, Managing Director | William Buck


Jess Adamson, Facilitator 


State of the State
Hon. Stephen Mullighan MP | Treasurer of South Australia
The South Australian economy is in the midst of a major transformation, with further change and exciting developments on the horizon. Hear the State Government’s vision for future growth and the opportunities, and challenges, that lie ahead for the local business sector.


A Board for the times
Jamie McKeough, Managing Director | William Buck
All businesses go through a life cycle. So is your organisation’s board right for the times? This session will examine board structures, composition, operation, effectiveness and CFO engagement to see what best holds up to the challenges of the current business environment. Jamie McKeough is a CA and has been the Managing Director of William Buck for 17 years. He is also Chair of William Buck Australia and New Zealand. In addition to leading the firm through a period of strong growth and transition, Jamie has been on numerous boards and advisory boards for organisations including: REDARC, Guide Dogs SA/NT, and McGees. He has advised on board formation and presented in many boards in varying capacities over many years.


Morning tea


Navigating the cyber minefield
Brett Lodge, Managing Director | Subnet
Cyber attacks on Medibank, Optus and Latitude may have stolen the headlines but it’s not just the big end of town being targeted. This session will cover the current state of play, the evolving legislative and insurance environment and what it all means for company risk management and response including for your role as CFO. Subnet’s Managing Director Brett Lodge has spent over three decades in the ICT Industry. Through his experience managing over 250 staff in large Australian-based corporations, Brett provides insight and understanding of ICT alignment to business strategy.


M&A – the good, bad and uncertain for 2023
Amanda Baldwin, Chief Investment Officer | G’day Group
Gerry Cawson, Director | Kain Lawyers
Samantha Nicholls, Director, Corporate Advisory | William Buck
Is the uncertain economic outlook forcing businesses to re-think their M&A strategy? Who’s cashed up and who’s looking to sell and what does it all mean for valuations and prices? This session will take an insider’s look into the M&A market for a clearer picture on where it’s all heading in 2023 and beyond.




Thriving with challenges and change
Dr Tom Nehmy, Clinical Psychologist and Founder | Healthy Minds
Dr Tom Nehmy has a passion for enhancing resilience and wellbeing. As an award-winning clinical psychologist, corporate trainer, and researcher, he has learnt a lot about what makes people tick – and the implications for businesses. Tom will dive into how we can thrive with challenges and change, covering the latest research and practical ways to create robust mental health, resilience and peak performance.


ESG – your role and responsibility 
Kevin Osborn, Director | Port Adelaide Football Club
Suzanne Ridding, Founder and Principal Consultant | Sustainable Business Consultants
Frances Carter, Director Asia Pacific | Conservation Capital
From shareholders to consumers, all eyes are on how businesses are approaching ESG. With a sceptical public quick to call out greenwashing, it requires a clear and committed strategy. This session will cover the risks and opportunities within ESG as well as the role of the CFO and finance team along an organisation’s journey.


Afternoon tea


Success is the biggest cause of failure
Donald McGurk, Company Director and Former CEO of Codan
Donald shares the life and leadership lessons he has experienced during a 30-year executive leadership career, focusing on some of the key areas not commonly covered by traditional executive leadership programs, such as communication, management style and stress. In the presentation, Donald will attempt to draw the key threads between these concepts and bring them to life by sharing his personal experiences in a case study style presentation.


Economic update – global, national and local view
Alan Oster, Group Chief Economist | NAB
What’s brewing in the global economy and what does it mean for domestic interest rates, inflation and employment? Presented by one of Australia’s leading economists, this session will provide valuable insight into the economic factors that will impact and influence local business conditions in the year ahead. NAB’s Group Chief Economist, Alan Oster has many years of experience in economic forecasting and modelling. Responsible for NAB’s global economic and financial forecasts, Alan is a highly respected and much quoted commentator on economic trends and policy issues.


Final Comments/close
Jess Adamson, Facilitator


Wine Tasting / Networking Drinks (provided by Richard Hamilton Wines)


Jess Adamson

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Hon. Stephen Mullighan MP
Treasurer of South Australia
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Alan Oster
Group Chief
Economist, NAB
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Donald McGurk
Company Director and Former CEO of Codan
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Jamie McKeough
Managing Director, William Buck
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Dr Tom Nehmy
Director, Healthy Minds Enterprises
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Samantha Nicholls
Director, Corporate Finance, William Buck
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Amanda Baldwin
Chief Investment Officer, G’day Group
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Gerry Cawson
Kain Lawyers
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Brett Lodge
Managing Director, Subnet
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Suzanne Ridding
Founder, Sustainable Business Consultants
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Kevin Osborn
Director, Port Adelaide Football Club (AFL)
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Frances Carter
Director Asia Pacific, Conservation Capital
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